ANB Nike SNKRS Bot Review

Come in now to learn all you need to know about Another Nike Bot’s Nike SNKRS Bot before making a purchase. Discover its advantages and disadvantages and know if it is the best for you today.

Another Nike Bot (ANB) Nike SNKRS Bot is one of the bots developed by Another Nike Bot – the others being ANB AIO and ANB Supreme Bot. I recently wrote a review of the ANB AIO Bot. If you have been reading a lot about sneaker bots that work with Nike platforms, you must have come across the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot. many of the top lists of Nike sneaker bots include this bot.

ANB Nike Snkrs bot review

However, many of the review provided on the list is short since just a few words are allocated for a bot. if you want to know more about this bot, keep reading till the end of the article.

The ANB Nike SNKRS Bot is a sneaker bot developed to help sneakerheads secure pairs of Nike limited-edition sneakers released on a Nike online store. Limited-edition releases are very competitive and without using a bot, your chances are very slim. This bot is one of the bots that has helped a good number of users avoid paying resale prices. together with the ANB AIO and Supreme Bot, the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot has been used to check out over 175,000 sneakers. With this, there is no doubt that the bot is functional. However, there are still some things you need to know about the bot that’s not that good.

Some of these weaknesses will be discussed in the cons section of the article. But before that, let take a look at the strengths in the pros sections below.

ANB Nike SNKRS Bot Pros

The ANB Nike SNKRS Bot is one of the best Nike sneaker bots out there. what made it one of the best among the sneaker bots that support copping from Nike platforms are discussed below.

Fast and Multithread Support

Take this from me – the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot is a beast. When it comes to moving through the checkout process, this bot moves through it so fast to ensure that your chances of copping are greatly increased. This is because the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot has been optimized for speed – thanks to its multithread capabilities. Multithread is the big word that means multitasking and concurrent processing of tasks. Also, very important is that the multithread capabilities of the bot give it the ability to handle more tasks at a time.

With this bot, you can create 10 tasks, and all of them will run concurrently, copping you 10 pairs at ones. With this feature, Another Nike Bot introduced measures to prevent detection and ban since you are not allowed to cop more than one pair with one account. So, you are allowed to add many accounts – about 500 hundred. There is also proxy support to prevent you from leaving footprints that can lead to a ban.

Comes with an SNKRS Calendar

If you have been copping for a while and have been doing it manually, you will agree with me that for a better workflow, you need a source that aggregates release dates for you to avoid missing out on a drop. When you opt to use this bot, you have that integrated into the bot. the calendar reveals to you when a particular Nike sneaker will be released. However, aside from the releases with dates, there are some releases that are sudden and usually unannounced. To make room for this, the bot comes integrated with a Twitter Sniper that monitors Nike Tweets the moment they are made and notify you if they are about releases.

Account and Proxy Checker Support

As I stated earlier, the need to cop more pairs demand you add more accounts and use proxies to hide your IP Address footprint. However, how do you know if the accounts you created have been verified and if your proxies are working? While you can do all these manually, you will agree with me that it is time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive. To remove all these, the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot comes with a tool to get the test done for you. It can help you bulk check if accounts are verified or not. It can also help you test if your proxies are working or not.

Secure and Reliable

If you are looking for one of the bots that you can be sure of its reliability, then look no further as you have the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot when it comes to its support for Nike. It works with the Nike SNKRS US, all the EU and JP sites including Nike AU, CA, SG, MY, and TW. Aside from its reliability, it is secure. They make use of global best practices to ensure the safety of your data. This means that you can have peace of mind using their bot.

Easy to Use

The ANB Nike SNKRS Bot has been made to be easy to use. The User Interface is very easy to understand, and you can learn how to use it in just a little time. This means that you can quickly get started with the bot since its learning curve is not steep. The developers even provide you tutorials on how to use it. This makes it very easy as some of the tutorials are video tutorials. Many of the articles have screenshots in them to help you with a better visualization.

Customer Support is Top-notch

If there is one thing I will say about Another Nike Bot customer service, it is that they know its importance. Already, the bot is easy to use. Upon that, they have good customer service. They make use of Zendesk to provide customer support. They provide articles to help you learn how to use their bot. You can contact them via email and Twitter. If you need a more responsive communication with them, you can chat with a team member using the Live Chat.

Optimized Servers and Proxies

This particular point is optional, and that’s why it comes at the end – you can decide to use them or opt-out for other ones in the market. However, there are advantages of using servers and proxies from Another Nike Bot. One, they have been made specifically for sneaker copping, and have been engineered and optimized to work. This makes them better for use with sneaker bots. Interestingly, the server comes with the bot installed – all you need is license key and you are good to go. However, their proxies and servers are a bit more expensive than many solutions in the market.

ANB Nike SNKRS Bot Cons

While the functionality of the bot is not questioned, there are some aspects you need to consider that might make it harder for you to use the bot. Some of these are discussed below.

Not Cheap

ANB Nike Snkrs bot

When it comes to pricing, I must say the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot is discouraging. It is arguably one of the most expensive bots in the market. The pricing of the bot is based on subscription.

Another Nike bot offers discount code: “10OFF” to save 10%.

For you to use this bot, you will have to pay $299 which is for a 6-month period. After these 6 months, you have to pay again to continue accessing the service. You’ll agree with me that for a nonrefundable product that does not provide a free trial, paying this amount is risky, at least to first-time users that are not certain of the product.

Windows OS Support Only

For Windows users, this is not even a problem because it has been developed to run natively on Windows. For those not using Windows, they have to consider this. This is not a big problem, though, as there is a workaround method to getting the bot to work on Mac and Linux by installing a virtual machine on your system. They provide a detailed tutorial on how to get this done. Regardless of the tutorial, it is an added stress going through the process.

Does ANB Nike SNKRS Bot Works?

It does. In fact, it remains one of the most powerful Nike SNKRS Bot in the market. The bot has a long history of success and has helped a good number of people become successful in copping Nike Sneakers. It was the success of this bot that led its developers to develop the ANB AIO Bot, the first All in One Bot in the market.

YouTube video

How to Use Proxies on ANB Nike SNKRS Bot

The ANB Nike SNKRS Bot supports the use of proxies, and using them is easy. Follow the step below to learn how to use proxies with ANB Nike SNKRS Bot.

  • Go to Configure and then Proxy.
  • Click on ‘New List’ and copy-paste the proxies in the pop-up that opens.
  • Check ‘Enable this proxy list and change list type to normal proxies.
  • Click Save.

Picking the best proxies Nike SNKRS Here.

Do I Recommend ANB Nike SNKRS Bot?

Yes, I strongly recommend the Another Nike Bot’s Nike SNKRS Bot. This is because of its super-fast speed and multithreaded nature, its reliability, customer support, ease of use, and many other aspects of it. Even though it does not support Windows, you can run it on a virtual machine. If pricing is not a problem to you – go for the ANB Nike SNKRS Bot.

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by Lyrical1 on ANB Nike SNKRS Bot

Had the bot for a year and only copped one pair of shoes and that was on accident...They had so many excuses on why it wasn't working...

by Milke on ANB Nike SNKRS Bot

Help me got one that I wanted:)

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