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BuyProxies is affordable, faster than most, and has a wide range of features and extra securities – top-notch private proxy service!

BuyProxies Overview

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Parameter Feature
IP Type Datacenter IPs
Price Charged Per IP
Price Sample 5 dedicated proxies cost $10
Proxy Protocol HTTP/HTTPS
Authentication User & Pass / IP whitelist
IP Locations USA + Europe + more
Instagram compatibility Good (7/10)
Sneaker compatibility Fair (6.5/10)
Speed Fast (8/10)
support Ticket/email(very fast)
Refund Policy 24 hours guaranteed
IP ReplacementM Monthly
p2p/torrenting No
Jurisdiction Location Estonia (LIXOX OU)



The pricing packages for BuyProxies are extremely competitive compared to other high-end proxy services with unique, original IP addresses guarantees and whitelist authentication. The minimal package for dedicated proxy packages is composed of five proxies for 10$ USD monthly.

pricing plan of

Semi-dedicated proxies are useful depending on what they are being used for, and those are offered at a competitive price package as well. Those are available for ten at 10$ USD per month package, halving the price for proxies that are less secure, but more affordable and less recyclable than their dedicated proxy counterparts.


BuyProxies is so comfortable with the speed of its proxies and promises they make about the speed of their proxies that they that test every anonymous proxy in their possession daily.

Instead of a speed test (You can learn speed test from stupidproxy), aping test was conducted on a generic website used around most of the globe, since it seemed more unbiased. the first image is a ping test without any proxy(functioning as a kind of control group), while the second one was conducted while running a dedicated BuyProxies proxy. Both IP addresses are coming from the United States.

ping test to facebook without proxy
ping test to facebook without proxy
ping test with proxy
ping test with proxy

As you can see, the ping rate more than doubled. For playing real-time video games this would be extremely undesirable. For doing most other less time-sensitive tasks, this is perfectly acceptable for a proxy. Again, their speed drop, in most circumstances, is hardly noticeable.

IP details

 ip: “”
 hostname: “”
 city: “Dublin”
 region: “Leinster”
 country: “IE”
 loc: “53.3331,-6.2489”
 postal: “D02”
 timezone: “Europe/Dublin”
 asn: Object
 asn: “AS32934”
 name: “Facebook, Inc.”
 domain: “”
 route: “”
 type: “isp”
 company: Object
 name: “Facebook Ireland Ltd”
 domain: “”
 type: “business”
 abuse: Object
 address: “US, CA, Menlo Park, 1601 Willow Rd., 94025”
 country: “US”
 email: [email protected]
 name: “Operations”
 network: “”
 phone: “+1-650-543-4800”

Reports claim a very small drop-off in speed when using the dedicated proxies. They claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, and since they have hundreds of servers and unique IP addresses with each proxy, they seem to be using every bit of it.

The consensus is that their appeal is not the blazing speed, but a perfectly adequate speed combined with useful resources and a long-lasting product in each proxy.


For web scraping, BuyProxies offers one of the most important guarantees: every dedicated proxy you buy is their original and has never been used before. Other proxies services, without question, cannot and do not make the same guarantee.

There have been instances with another proxy service in which all of a sudden, its location changed from the United States to the United Arab Emirates. This occurred either because someone else was using the same IP address in that location (which means someone stole it from them without their knowledge), or that the authenticity of the IP address was not their own.

Additionally, web scrapers, as well as everyone else, would be pleased to know their proxies are restrictionless. Torrents, platforms banned in certain areas, etc. are all fair game. In addition to the usual username and password authentication needed to get a proxy, IP Whitelisting authentication is included with BuyProxies.

This is a big plus, because not only do some proxies not offer this, but the reason they don’t offer it is that they may be selling blacklisting IP addresses to certain sites. They may so do without being aware of it, but the result is the same. The IP and the proxy become worthless for web scraping if blacklisted, whether it's blacklisted because of location or prior activity. Because of this, whitelist authentication is a nice layer of security.

Their privacy policy extracts a standard amount of data collection: basically, just enough personal, though unidentifiable, data to make cookies useful.


BuyProxies Packages

Sneaker proxies are guaranteed to work with many of the major shoe retailers such as Adidas, Supreme, which doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work with others: these are the ones they are guaranteed to work with. They offer large, but reasonable packages for these services, starting at 150 USD/month for 50 shoe proxies. A similar pricing plan starts there with Ticketmaster proxies.

They offer a guaranteed refund on all proxies within 24 hours, which is important for sneaker and Ticketmaster proxies in particular since they depend on it working within one minute at a release.

Their Firefox and Chrome add-ons are insanely useful for web scraping: there is an option to switch between up to four proxies every sixty seconds, which could easily save someone web scraping from getting any single proxies’ IP address banned. It displays the country and IP address of your proxy, and which one is currently active.

Their API contains GET functions with Instagram, Google, and Twitter, and when cycling proxies their IPs come in txt files which can save a lot of time if you know how to work the command prompt. Their private proxies are also compatible with Facebook. That’s a rare prospect in web scraping, and an important one in mining any SEO analytics related to social media.

Customer Service

The homepage keeps a running ticker of the number of tickets it has responded to date if its any indication that they take customer service seriously and respond with due diligence. At this time of checking, they had responded to over 49,000 resolved tickets! Having run through the process, the ticket only becomes ‘resolved,’ when the customer is satisfied with the dispute, meaning that their problems were solved. Of course, but it bears repeating: this means they’ve fixed problems to the satisfaction of customers nearly 50,000 separate occasions.

The response time was also quick. After submitting a ticket, an email response came in about two hours and about two hours later I was able to speak to a live customer service representative. Fairly quick, but not the fastest.

They also have a 24-hour refund policy guarantee, regardless of the proxy package or nature of the proxy, which is a confident offer and an indication that their product is rock-solid.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 8/10
  • Speed - 9/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Support - 9/10

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