Facebook Ad Account Disabled? How to Recover a Blocked Facebook Account

Has your Facebook ads account being disabled, and you’re looking for a way to get it back? Then stick to this page to discover the best method to get your account back and how to avoid getting them blocked.

Facebook Ads Account Blocked

Facebook ads is one of the best ways you can market your products and services or even pages on the social media giant. If you have used it before, you will know you can get targeted customers that would convert and interact with your pages. A good number of marketers have it as one of the key marketing funnels because of the quality of traffic it generates.

However, there’s one thing about Facebook ads that marketers do not like – ads account get banned easily, and if that happens, you’re on a long road to getting it – or getting ignored – and kicked out of using Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Account Blocked message

If your Facebook ads account has been banned, there is a walk-around to get it to be unbanned, or create a stealth Facebook ads account that can’t be linked to you as you won’t be allowed to create another account if your previous account has been blocked.

Before we go into that, we would be looking at why does Facebook block ads account. We would also be providing you tips to keep your ads account block-proof.

Why Does Facebook Block Ads Account

Facebook makes money from marketers running Facebook ads. So why would they want to lock out those that make them money? It turns out that the number of accounts that get blocked is very high, and in most cases, you will just have to take responsibility – it was all your fault.

Below are the 2 reasons why Facebook will block your ads account.

  • High Negative Feedback on Ads

Facebook ads Report

While Facebook makes money via ads, they do have the interest of their users at heart and know that if users keep getting annoying ads, they will lose out eventually. For that reason, Facebook allows users to hide your ads, choose not to be shown ads from your page, or even report your ads.

There are a good number of reasons highlighted that make users want to report your ads, all of which are considered negative feedbacks by Facebook. If your ads generate a high percentage of negative feedback, then such an account would be blocked, and all ads pulled down.

  • Violation of Facebook Ads Policy

Violation of Facebook Ads Policy

Even without getting negative feedback from users, your account can get blocked. And yes, if this happens, it is your fault. This is because you haven’t read the Facebook ads policy document, or you did but refuse to follow the terms and conditions present in the document.

Facebook ads policy highlights the does and don’ts of advertising on Facebook, and each ads is being reviewed to see whether it goes contrary to what is allowed. If the offense is not critical, the ads would be blocked and not shown to Facebook users. However, if the offense is critical, your Facebook ads account is blocked.

How to Know Why Your Account was blocked

From the above, you can see the 2 reasons why Facebook blocks accounts. Knowing which of the reasons is responsible for your own block is important to avoid getting your account blocked in the future.

The litmus test to knowing which reason got your Facebook account banned is simple – check whether the ban is because of a high percentage of negative feedback. How do you do that? Below is the step-by-step guide on how to check the negative feedback your ads receive.

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Ads Manager. You will see a list of the ads you have running.

Facebook for Buisness

  • Select the specific ads you are suspecting and click on “Preview.” A pop-up would appear – choose the “Facebook Post with Comment” option.
  • The post will show and the engagement details. You should take note of the number of people your ads reach, which is at the top of the performance section of the page. At the bottom of the page is the negative feedback.
  • All you need to do is to check the percentage of the negative feedback from the total number of persons reached, and you should have the percentage of negative feedback.

Facebook Feedback

If this number is high, then that is the reason your account was blocked. However, if negative feedback is very low or even negligible, then the reason your account was blocked is that you violated the Facebook ads policy.

How to Recover Blocked Facebook Ads Account

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The question you should be asking is – would Facebook restore an account after blocking it? Well, the answer is it depends, and NO, we cannot tell you whether you will get your ads account back or not. You will just have to try and see if they would listen to you. The only method of recovering your ads account is by appealing the block.

For you to appeal, go to the Facebook Ads Manager page. Since your account is blocked, you would see a  red section on the page telling you your account is banned, and you are provided a link to a contact us page – to appeal the ban – if you believe it was a mistake on their part. To be honest with you, you would be extremely lucky to get a reply from them after the first trial. Some would keep trying until they are answered.

Recover Blocked Facebook Ads Account

For most, the ads support team would not respond to their appeal, and there is nothing they can do about it. If you are unable to convince them that it was a mistake on their own part, then you have most likely lost that account – and your ability to create an ads account for Facebook ads marketing. You will need to be crafty, polite, and political in your approach. It is even better if you can use the Facebook Live chat support to interact with their agent.

How to Create Steal Facebook Ads Manager Accounts

Facebook Ads Manager Accounts

If, after you have tried, you are unable to get your account unblocked, then you will need to create a new account as a business must continue – whether Facebook likes it or not. However, the account would have to be stealthy, and Facebook shouldn’t know that you were the one that created the new account after the former one had been blocked.

Follow the steps highlighted below to create a new Facebook Ads account. It is important you know that the new account that would be created would be a business manager account and not a personal ad account.

  • You will need someone close to you to create a new business manager account.
  • Ideally, you shouldn’t share the same IP address with the person, so if you are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can get the person to use his mobile data. Else, you can simply grab a residential proxy server from Smartproxy.
  • From the new business manager account, create a new ad account and set up a Facebook business page.
  • You will need to add a payment method. You shouldn’t make the mistake of adding the payment method associated with the former account.
  • With the ads account and Facebook page set up, the person should add you as admin with full privileges.

If you follow the above, then you have another ads account to run your ads. It is advisable you run ads that link to other domains before you start running ads to your domain, as doing so straightaway would reveal you are the same person, and that new one would be blocked too.

How to Prevent Your Facebook Ads Account from Getting Blocked

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If you do not learn how to avoid getting blocked, then you will be in the business of creating accounts that would keep getting blocked instead of running ads that convert and make you money. So how should you keep your account protected against Facebook ban? The answer is simple – comply with the Facebook ads policies.

I know you probably didn’t read the policy document. Now that you have gotten your account blocked, you should now go back and read the document to know what is allowed and what is not. Another thing you need to take note of is taking the pace slowly. Creating a new ads account and creating too many ads immediately is a huge red flag that might get your account banned.

Instead, you should start creating the ads slowly and remember, the ads shouldn’t have a striking resemblance with the ads in the former account at first. The ads shouldn’t be related until you have built a reputation first. Make sure the payment method you use for the new account is different from the one you use in your old account.


Even though mistakes do happen that your accounts would be flagged and banned, in most cases, you are the culprit that got your account banned, and you should take responsibility for your action.

It is important you know that the best thing is for you to avoid getting your Facebook ads account banned by complying with the Facebook Ads policies. This is because once your ads account gets blocked, you are most likely not getting it unblocked in most cases, and as such, you lose your personal ads account forever.

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