The Best Facebook Bot for Facebook Automation

Want to delegate the menial jobs in managing your Facebook accounts? Come in now to learn about Facebook Automation and discover the top Facebook bots in the market that can help put your Facebook accounts on autopilot.

Facebook Bots

While regular users are on Facebook to make friends, Internet marketers on the popular social network generate leads and make sales. You cannot blame them though; Facebook stands tall among other social media platforms.

However, growing your account to the level where you can start generating a reasonable lead is not easy. Unlike in the past, when marketing was easy on Facebook, that era is long gone. you need to work hard to get to that level. but with a Facebook bot, you do not need to work yourself up – the bot will do that for you.

A Facebook bot is a computer program written to carry out actions on your Facebook accounts automatically. With the right Facebook bot, no one will know you are making use of a bot, but your account will be on autopilot, liking posts and comments, dropping comments, sending and accepting friend requests, and joining group, among other tasks it can do. There are many of such bots in the market. In this post, I will be discussing the top Facebook bots in the market. Before that, let take a look at Facebook Automation.

Facebook Automation

Facebook Automation is an automated means of managing Facebook accounts. With Facebook Automation, actions will be carried out on your account on autopilot without you manually interreacting with your accounts. There are many actions you can carry out with a Facebook Bot, depending on the feature it supports. You can automate actions like sending and accepting friend requests, liking and commenting, finding and joining groups, scheduling posts, inviting friends to groups, pages, and events, and even unfriending people.

With the above, you might be tempted to go all out and start automating your actions on Facebook. But let me tell you something; your accounts will be at risk – Facebook as a company is no pushover. For you to succeed in the game of Facebook automation, you need to be good at it to evade detection.

Facebook has successfully made Facebook Automation unattractive because of their aggressive fight against botting. If you are caught, all accounts botted risk getting banned. That’s why you have to be mindful of the bots and proxies you use. I have written an article on Facebook proxies – read it here. For bot recommendations, they are discussed below.

Top Facebook Bots in the Market


Jarvee is arguably the best social media automation bot in the market. It is not a Facebook only tool – it is an all in one automation tool for many social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.For Facebook, it has the highest number of feature supports, which includes all the actions mentioned in the ‘Facebook Automation’ section.

Because you can use it to automated many accounts, it comes with proxy support. It also has support for Spin syntax. It provides you one of the best Account management features. However, it is expensive and complex, difficult for use by beginners.

Pros of Jarvee:

  • Secure, reliable, and fast
  • A long history of success
  • Comes with many features to automate almost all of your actions
  • Can be used for other social media platforms

Cons of Jarvee:

  • Complicated and not easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Supports only Windows

ASB Facebook Bot

ASB Facebook Bot

ASB Facebook Bot is one of the powerful Facebook bots in the market. It is developed by Auto Social Bots, a social media automation tool developer. The ASB Facebook Bot license is only for Facebook, and it is cheap.

If you intend to automate your actions on other social media platforms, I will advise you to go for their All in One license, which encompasses Facebook and other major platforms. This bot is multithreaded and very fast, allowing you to add unlimited accounts to be automated. It gets regularly updated and provides you both a refund policy and a free trial option.

Pros of ASB Facebook Bot:

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Comes with a good number of features
  • Supports unlimited accounts
  • Secure and reliable

Cons of ASB Facebook Bot:

  • Windows OS support only



FollowingLike has been designed to be very smart and easy to use, thanks to the fact that each function is designed into a separate module. It comes with an Account Manager tool that makes it easy for you to categories your accounts for the purpose of automation. What makes me like this tool is the flexibility in their payment plan.

Their pricing is based on the accounts you intend to automate – one account, up to five accounts, and unlimited accounts. They are not meant for Facebook automation alone; they are also used in automating actions on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and many others.

Pros of  FollowingLike:

  • Flexible payment based on the number of accounts to be automated
  • Custom bot development if you need it
  • Cheap for long-term usage

Cons of  FollowingLike:

  • Expensive for short-term usage



Is paying for your Account managers cutting deep into your pocket? Then it is time to employ the service of the social media bot, and Socinator should be on the list of bots you should choose from.

Just like every other bot on the list, this bot is an All in One bot used for automating actions on popular social media platforms. It can be used to automate almost all of your actions on Facebook and comes with an Account Manager tool to make managing your numerous accounts easy. It also comes with an image downloader.

Pros of Socinator:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for other social media platforms

Cons of Socinator:

  • Fail to work sometimes
  • Supports only Windows OS

FAQ on Facebook Automation Bots

  • What is a Facebook Bot?

A Facebook bot is a computer program developed to automate actions on Facebook. It interacts with your accounts and engages with people on Facebook on your behave.

  • Does Facebook Support the use of Facebook Bots?

Facebook does support the use of bots. However, not the kind of bots discussed above. They support the use of bots that make use of the official API available. However, the API has a lot of limitation that makes them pretty useless to marketers, and as such, they choose to make use of the bots like the ones above. Just know that if Facebook discovers you are botting your accounts, they risk getting banned.

  • Why do we Have Few Bots in the Market?

Not many people are into Facebook automation like before because Facebook has killed engagement and post reach. The Return on Investment gotten from automation has drastically reduced unlike it used to be, and as such, marketers have gone for other alternatives like Instagram which is the main deal now.

  • Do you need Facebook proxies for Facebook Automation

The answer is based on How many Facebook accounts to run if you just manage few FB accounts like 2-3 accounts, there is no need to use proxies, you home IP is fine, but if you want to run more accounts, you have to use the proxies for Facebook, I would suggest you, use 3 less than accounts per IP address.


Not all the actions you see on Facebook are carried out by humans. In fact, bots might be the competitive advantage your competitors have over you because they never get tired nor sleep unless they are program to do so. Choose one of the Facebook bot discussed above and take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

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