100% Free Instagram Schedulers [App & Tools] In 2023

Are you finding it difficult to post your content on Instagram at the right time? Then using an Instagram scheduler is the way to go. The article below provides you recommendations on the top 10 Instagram schedulers you can use for free.

Instagram Schedulers

Overview: Free Instagram Schedulers

  • PlanolyOverall Instagram Scheduler
  • Creator StudioBest Instagram Scheduler for Chrome Extension
  • CombinBest for Instagram Marketing
  • MetricoolBest for Cross Social Media Platforms
  • PlannBest API Instagram Scheduler

Best Free Instagram Schedulers To Schedule Instagram Posts In 2022

Consistency and recency have always been the game changer in keeping up on Instagram, but what If you have no idea how to go about it rather than being physically present in the moment?

Instagram has become a platform many leverages these days to stay engaged with their audience. But the major downtime of many users is consistency, which in reality is not an easy one to pull — because not just time is required, compelling and interesting content to spoon-feed your audience is as well needed. Though it's disturbing if you truly mean to cement a good seat on the platform.

However, what rings often is how can this up-to-date presence be achieved. Well, that's where Instagram Schedulers come in line. These tools will allow you to schedule content by a set calendar and automatically post these contents on your page when the scheduled time is due.

Knowing Instagram doesn't appreciate scheduling, with these tools, your activities can be automated and tracked frequently without hassle. Below are some of the top free Instagram schedulers to use.

1. Planoly — Overall Instagram Scheduler

Planoly for Instagram Schedulers

First in line is Planoly. It is seen to be the best due to the working features packed on it freely. Assessing its interface, with the in-built drag and drop feature, you can upload and edit designs from canvas without exiting the tool. There's an internal calendar that is used to schedule content swiftly. And up to 30 IG stories and 30 field posts with a carousel can be scheduled to auto-post and repost monthly.

All these and more is what Planoly can do, hence why it's preferably better than others. Additionally, advanced insights can be scheduled to understand your audience more. It has a customized linking bio you can tag to your post. Besides that, hashtags can be saved in the app.

2. Later — Visual Instagram Scheduler

Later for Instagram Schedulers

Later is a Scheduler for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Looking at its Instagram Scheduler, the calendar is weekly and monthly. One thing that is cool with this tool is that content can be dragged and dropped where you want and previewed to see how it will appear when posted. Hence why, it's a visual Instagram scheduler.

Although friendly, its features are limited. As such, if you create lots of content, choose other free tools. Unlike Planoly, Later can't schedule uploads for carousels, videos, IGTV, or stories. Images are uploaded in singles. Although there's access to create a bio link, the features are few compared to Planoly. Also, just one account can be created, and 30 images are scheduled monthly.

3. Greatly Social — All-In-One Account Scheduler

Greatly Social for Instagram Schedulers

Greatly Social is an Instagram Scheduler quite distinct from others. Even though it has similar features to some, it's peculiar. Greatly Social has a cloud in-built to access and upload content to be scheduled and posted on your Instagram page. This content can either be from Google Drive or DropBox. With its calendar, specific times and dates of post are scheduled.

In comparison with others, all data is securely encrypted. Thus no data is uploaded without the consent of the user. One unique attribute of this tool is its central hub which syncs all your accounts and schedules contents in one place to be posted. As a result, easy accessibility from devices is allowed, be it Android, iOS, or PC.

4. Creator Studio — Best for Chrome Extension

Creator Studio for Instagram Schedulers

Another amazing free Instagram Scheduler is Creator Studio. It's a Facebook business planning app that caters to Instagram largely. Getting on its Instagram interface, the tool allows the creation and management of multiple accounts.  Not only can content be created, scheduling of video and carousels, amongst others, can be done. What's more gripping is its IGTV scheduling which made it stand out fine.

Although Creator Studio is highly appreciated, unlike the above described, it doesn't preview content. And also, don't keep you posted when the content goes live. However, there are insights to check content progress. Moreso, it can work on selected browsers but suits perfectly on Chrome Extension. Therefore, if you're a social media manager, this is worth testing.

5. Combin — Best for Instagram Marketing

Combin for Instagram Schedulers

Next in line is Combin. This is an Instagram Scheduling tool that automates posts and stories. Upon downloading, this scheduler allows you to plan and create content freely.

Looking at its features, some of what it does includes planning and scheduling Instagram posts for later, bulk-creating stories and scheduling them with one click, and even styling a profile with the right hashtag to increase engagement. If you are an Instagram marketer looking for a scheduler that does more than just schedule posts, then Combin is the tool for you to use.

Combin is one amongst others with a flexible facet that is perfect for Instagram Marketing. By device compatibility, it's available only for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

6. Buffer – Best Scheduler for Organic Growth and Performance Tracking

Buffer for Instagram Schedulers

Another Instagram scheduler to watch out for is Buffer. Although it is a premium and fee-based social networking service, Instagram Scheduler offers a free trial. When compared to the other Instagram schedulers on the list, it has tools that let you analyze the growth and audience of your account.

Consequently, the performance rate is visible. Direct auto-publishing, suggestions for the optimal time to post based on the audience's activity history, and automatic hashtag creation are a few of its standout features.

Additionally, Buffer allows you more time to create content while it handles the posting, assisting you in developing your brand through high-quality content. Importantly, this tool is as visually appealing as the Instagram app itself, so you don't need any coding knowledge to utilize it.

7. Tailwind – Instagram and Email Unifier

Tailwind for Instagram Schedulers

It might be time-consuming to promote your brand on Instagram and via email at the same time. Making use of the Tailwind Instagram tool is a fantastic solution to this. As a result, you will spend less time switching between Instagram and emails on your computer screen.

Unlike some of the items on this list, Tailwind is designed to integrate with your emails in addition to Instagram. Similar to Buffer, no coding expertise is necessary. It's interesting to note that once you submit your content for the first time, this application automatically adds your brand's logo, fonts, and color schemes to subsequent content.

It also gives you a glimpse of how you're doing on Instagram daily, weekly, or monthly, albeit it's not as thorough as Buffer. Its auto-post function is also important to mention.

8. Metricool – Best for Cross Social Media Platforms

Metricool for Instagram Schedulers

Do you market your business on a variety of social media platforms? It would be a great idea to have a tool that can assist you in integrating your activity across all platforms. The advantage Metricool has over other Instagram schedulers is this integration. It stands out for its effectiveness in controlling your Instagram post on other networks.

Other advantages of this application to take into account are comment management, an analysis of Instagram performance reports, the ability to create Instagram advertisements, the ability to add changeable links to your Instagram bio, and many more.

Metricool is simple to use and incorporates a number of measures while advertising your brand on Instagram and other social media channels. Finally, Metricool enables you to schedule postings and monitor post history.

9. Plann – Best API Instagram Scheduler

Plann for Instagram Schedulers

Another Instagram scheduler that you can use right away is Plann. It and Metricool have a number of characteristics. Although it is an API, it is an all-in-one solution for Instagram and other media platforms, but when compared to Metricool, it is less sophisticated in terms of integration and analysis.

However, it offers you Instagram auto-posting, reel scheduling, image editing, content planning, and member or team management capabilities. Its capability to assist you in uploading directly from your cloud or Google Drive, Dropbox, or even straight from Plann, is one of its exceptional features.

Additionally, its media management feature enables you to quickly construct media collages or grids. This maintains you at the top of the chart and appeals to viewers' aesthetic sensibilities.

10. Preview – Best Free Mobile Scheduler

Preview for Instagram Schedulers

A brilliantly functional mobile planner is the last item on my list of the top free Instagram schedulers. You will benefit from using this smartphone app if you want to schedule and automate your Instagram posts. This application was created especially for Instagram. Since it offers the majority of the capabilities that will enable you to succeed with your Instagram marketing, it is the best mobile app available.

It also offers a useful collage and picture grid function. For the automatic publishing of pictures and a reel, you can choose a date and time (with regard to different time zones). It can be used to schedule IGTV as well. It will automatically select hashtags that will ensure that the intended audience sees your article.

FAQs About Instagram Schedulers

Instagram is known to fight bots aggressively. But what is their stand against Instagram post schedulers? It turns out that, unlike regular Instagram automation bots, Instagram does support the use of Instagram post schedulers, especially if you do not abuse their usage.

When you post too many posts in an automated manner within a short period of time, you could be considered spam. Aside from this possibility, the usage of tools to schedule your posts is not only legal, but it is also quite legal for the busy market.

Q. Why Should I Use Instagram Scheduler?

As technology advances, it gets easier to complete jobs and work, especially those that can be automated. Sticking with the outdated and conventional methods of doing things when an automator can do it will make little to no sense. The Instagram scheduler is one of these tools, as a result.

They are a great tool to use because they can help you increase your online presence on Instagram without you being there in person. Given the time zone disparities, you might be missing your intended audience. These tools have taken care of issues like that. All you need to do is to create quality content.

Q. What are the tasks Instagram scheduler can execute?

Sincere to say, each of these Instagram schedulers has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to applications, they are on equal footing. They all enable you to track your Instagram success, automate posts, recommend hashtags, improve the caliber of the material, and manage comments.

As a result, you don't need to stay up all night to publish at a specific hour because they assist you in switching time zones. You do not need to create a reminder to post any content, though.

Some of these tools also function admirably as platform integration tools. As a result, they make it simpler to publish posts and manage profiles on Instagram and in relation to other social media sites.


Despite the comfort that technology has brought, it will be ineffective or counterproductive to continue using the old, outdated methods of doing things. Not only would it be a waste of time, but it will also produce unsatisfactory results.

Therefore, just knowing that you will have time to produce high-quality content is sufficient. The Instagram Schedulers handle publishing and planning as a result, but with superior outcomes.

More significantly, using some of these tools to examine and monitor your performance is sufficient justification for doing so. Consequently, you should check these Instagram schedulers out in relation to your task.

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