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Are you looking for a website where you can have access to free proxies? Come in now and discover some of the websites that update their proxy list regularly – their proxies are easy to use and might work for your use case.

Free Proxies

If you have been going through many of our articles on this blog, you will discover that we do not advise our readers to make use of free proxies. And this is not without reason – if you aren’t paying for a product, you are probably the product.

Free proxies are slow, unreliable, and mostly not secure – for this reason, we avoid recommending them to our readers. However, we are aware that some of our readers are working on projects that free proxies will still work for them. If you are one of these readers, then you are welcome on board.

In this article, we are going to be making recommendations for you on free proxies and where you can get a free proxy list from. It might interest you to know that there are even free proxy APIs in you can use. However, just like the websites themselves, we also do not provide you any form of guarantee that their proxies will work for your use case – you have to give them a trial on your own. Before going into the proxy list recommendation proper, let take a look at an overview of free proxies.

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What are Free Proxy Lists?

Free proxies are proxy servers that do not have a price tag on them. That is, they are free to use. In most cases, free proxies come no need of authentication – all that you require to use them is the IP and port pair. They are also known as open proxies because of their lack of authentication – and the fact that you will be sharing them with maybe, a large number of users.

This ends up affecting its speed. It also what leads to reliability issues as you can’t be so sure if a previous user of a particular proxy has not got them blacklisted on the websites you require them for.

open proxies

Free proxies are almost always got by hacking and some forms of manipulation without the knowledge of the real owners of the devices their IPs are being used. For this reason, they are usually not active for long. Most free proxy list websites regularly update their pool for this reason. There are a good number of websites on the Internet that keeps a list of free proxies. You can get working proxies from them, but you will have to constantly check to see if the proxies on your list are still active.

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Top Free Proxy List Websites

Now to the proxy list proper. Below are some of the popular websites that keep a list of free proxies.

SPYS Fastest Free Proxy List


SPYS is one of the free proxy websites on the Internet that keeps a list of updated proxies. One feature that makes this website unique is that you can get free proxies from about 170 countries. They even allow you to filter proxies based on the country of IP address. You can also filter the proxy list based on the level of anonymity.

SPYS does not make it open the source of its proxies and does not provide a lot of information about itself (the SPYS website). However, we do know that it makes its own money through Google Ads and probably referral.

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Hidemy.name – Freshest proxy list

Hidemy online Data List
Hidemy.name is an online database of free proxy lists. From the website design and monetization method, you can tell that Hidemy.name is a little bit polished compared to SPYS. Hidemy.name has support for about 95 countries and even provide information on the speed of the proxies using the ping measurement.

Aside from the free plan, they have a paid plan that comes with some of their premium features, including provision for API access. You can also export the proxies in Excel spreadsheets.

FreeProxy.cz (Offline) – Best Free HTTP proxy list

Free Proxy List

From the name, you can tell that this website provides free proxy services. However, just like the others above, they did not own the proxies and did not reveal the source of the proxies.

They have support for a good number of countries and provide you with some important information about each proxy on their list, including country, region, city, anonymity, speed, uptime, response, and even the last time the proxy was checked to know if it is still active.

Socks-Proxy – Best Free Socks5 proxy list


Sock-proxy, unlike the websites described above, has support for fewer countries. However, it has support for diverse types of proxies. From Idcloak, you can get HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS5, and SOCKS4 and proxies with different levels of anonymity.

Their Sister sites,

One good thing about Idcloak is that you can even use their proxies on Google services, including YouTube. Just like many other proxy accumulator websites, Idcloak provides proxy speed-related information. I will advise you to avoid proxies that are slow.

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Proxynova – Best US proxy list


Another proxy list website you can get working proxies from is Proxynova. There are a good number of proxies on the list provided. I will advise you to look well. Many of the proxies on their list are transparent proxies. Transparent proxies reveal themselves as proxies – and equally reveal your own IP address.

When choosing a proxy to use, make sure the anonymity is elite. While anonymous proxies can work, they reveal themselves as proxies and won’t work on some websites. Proxynova makes money through Google AdSense, and you’ll have to deal with advertisements.

Geonode – Free proxy List

Geonode Homepage

Geonode is known for the provision of residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth and IPs – For this, the proxies are paid and works quite great. However, the service has got a dedicated page on their website where they provide a list of proxies and ports for you to use. While the actual source of the proxies isn’t stated, you can be sure they are scrapped proxies and as such, shouldn’t expect more than you would expect from the others on the list – slow speed and not being reliable as their paid counterparts.

However, if all you need are free proxies, then you can use the ones provided by them as they are quite numerous for you to choose from. They have got a filter for the country, proxy protocol, and anonymity level. You can even export the list in JSON, txt, and CSV. Geonode provides information about each of the proxies which include country, organisation and ASN, protocol, anonymity level, speed, and uptime, among others.


Hidester Proxy List

Hidester is one of the most popular proxy list sites on the Internet. Unlike other sites, Hidester makes public the number of IPs in their list. One thing you will come to like about Hidester is that they have special support for Google proxies.

They test their proxies and make sure that they are compatible with Google – for proxies that work with Google, they indicate. Another thing you need to know about Hidester is that they have a cheap premium service. With their premium plan, only tested premium proxies are sold to you.


Premproxy List

One thing I like about Premproxy is that it has got a good proxy list with many elite proxies. For that do not know what elite proxies, also known as high anonymous proxies, are the proxies that keep your IP address and does not identify itself as a proxy server. Premproxy keep an updated proxy list – for each proxy, you will get to know about when last it was checked. Other information that comes together with each of the proxies is their country, city, and ISP.


ProxyScrape Free proxy list

From the name of this website, you can tell that the proxies they list on their websites are scraped proxies, collected by using proxy scrapers to extract public proxies details from websites on the Internet.

Their proxies are classified according to the protocol type – HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This makes it easier for you to locate the proxies you require. Interestingly, ProxyScrape allows its users, to download the list of proxies on its website as a txt file or via its API access. ProxyScrape has a premium plan for faster and more reliable proxies.

Open Proxy

Open Free Proxy List

Another website you can tell what it offers from its name is Open Proxy – that’s the proxies listed on the website are not private but public. For this reason, they are free and do not require any form of payment. Open Proxy uploads its list of proxies daily. You can filter the proxies based on countries and protocol – if you like, you can also download the list of proxies in text format. Open Proxy proxies are best used for brute force, spamming, and account creation.



ProxyDB is an online database of free proxies. One thing I discover from going through their proxy list is that their proxies are datacenter proxies – that’s, the IP addresses are owned by data centers such as Digital Ocean.

Datacenter proxies have got a bad reputation, and as such, you might not be able to use their proxies for what you will use other proxies for. Another dark side of ProxyDB is that their list is not updated regularly.

Free Proxy API – Bonus!

As a developer, you won’t find it easy scraping these sites as they put measured in place to mitigate scraping. This means that you will need to visit the sites manually to collect proxies. If you are looking for a way to retrieve free proxies programmatically, then using a free proxy API is your sure bet. Below are 3 popular free proxy APIs on the Internet.



Pubproxy is one of the easiest proxy API to use. This proxy API does not require you to register for an API key in other to retrieve proxies programmatically. All that’s required is for you to send an HTTP request, and a random API will be returned to you as a response. You can add parameters to the API URL to filter the proxies returned. Parameters supported include level of anonymity, proxy protocol, referrer, country, speed, etc.



Unlike Pubproxy that does not require an API key, Proxy11 requires an API key – this means you will need to register and obtain an API key. With the Proxy11 API, you can retrieve all the proxies in their database. However, if you want to filter the list and retrieve specific proxies or proxies with certain properties, you can use parameters to filter the list. This proxy API is free and provides working proxies.

Proxy List API

Proxy List API

From the name, you can already guess what it is. It provides a list of proxies when you send it an HTTP request. This particular proxy API returned all proxies in its database at the time you send in your request. This proxy API requires you to define the proxy protocol type as a parameter – there are other optional parameters supported, including anonymity level and country. The response is in the txt format.

If you still want to use the free proxies, you can also rotate free proxies for scraping by yourself.

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Even though the industry frown at free proxies and they have gotten a bad name because of their unreliable states and slow, they are still helpful in some scenario. If you are sure they will work for your use case, then you can make a choice(s) from the above list.

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