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Click to read our reviews on GeoSurf. This was written after extensive research done by our team members who made sure no good thing or bad thing about GeoSurf is hidden from you before you subscribe to their service.

GeoSurf Overview

Let me ask you a question – how well do you know GeoSurf? If you have not used GeoSurf before and know them only with the information available on their website, then I advise you to read this GeoSurf reviews from the beginning to the end because there are some hidden details that only those who have to use them know.

These details are in the form of their advantages and disadvantages otherwise known as pros and cons. Use them to make the decision of whether GeoSurf proxies are the right proxies for you or not. But before that let take a look at a brief overview of GeoSurf.

GeoSurf Overview

GeoSurf is one of the most popular residential proxy providers in the proxy market. From our research, they are one of the best in the industry, and interestingly, TechCrunch confirmed that GeoSurf is a good choice by stating that it is a must-have. They are secure, reliable, undetectable and unblocking by the majority of web servers. They have got a good enough number of residential proxies distributed in many countries of the world.

They have been made specifically for web scraping and crawling, and as such, you shouldn’t have a problem using them for that. Aside from this, their proxies have also been found to be functional in social media management, ad verification, and sneaker copping, among others.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential and Datacenter
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 1GB – $300 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 2+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation
  • Sticky Session (1/10/30 mins)
  • Each Session
Filtering/Targeting Countries and cities (premium)
Authentication IP Authentication and Username/Password
Speed Excellent
Free Trial No
Refund Policy No
Support Contact Form + Detailed FAQ
Jurisdiction Location Israel


GeoSurf Pros

In this section, I will be discussing the reasons you should make GeoSurf your proxy providers. This will be in the form of advantages.

Enough Pools of IPs and Location

Yes, their number of IPs and their geographical distribution is one of the main strengths of GeoSurf. Even though their proxies are not the largest in the industry, they have got a good number of proxies in their pool that is enough for whatever thing you need proxies for.

GeoSurf has over 2 million residential IPs opened to your usage. Because of this, you can web scrape without any need to worry about blockage since they have a high rotating gateway that changes IP every now and then to prevent triggering the anti-spam systems of websites.

Location of GeoSurf servers

In terms of location coverage, GeoSurf has got a good footprint here. Their residential IPs are present in over 150 countries and 1700 cities in the world. For their datacenter proxies, they are located in over 120 countries and 30 US Designated Market Area. This then means that you do not have to worry about location when you are making use of their services.

Geo-Targeting is Good

GeoSurf has good support for selecting proxies from a particular location. However, there is a little catch that you have to be aware of here – city proxies are premium features in GeoSurf, and its usage comes with a different pricing model.

If you are not much concerned about choosing specific cities, then, then your existing plan can be used for choosing specific countries. when you choose a country, you are given access to 3 sticky IPs, which changes either after either 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.

gateways of GeoSurf Overview

Aside from the 3 sticky IPs, you can also make use of their high rotating gateway that changes IP after each request or session. This phenomenon of IP being changed after a specified period of time or after each session is known as IP rotation, and it is one of the most important features that will guarantee you smooth web scraping and crawling without being blacklisted.

IP Diversity

GeoSurf proxies are varied and can be generally divided into two groups. With each of the groups having its features that make them suitable for some set of tasks and make them not fit for others. This diversity is mostly session-based and presents you with a session control capability.

High Rotating Gateways

GeoSurf High Rotating Gateways are highly beneficial for web scraping. How this work is simple, they have a good number of IPs in a pool that this gateway makes use of to send your requests through and this change after each request. This makes them ground-breaking and prevent detection and blocking by websites. They use the same domain but different port numbers.

Country Code Gateway Standard Port Range
gw1 8230(US)
r1 8080 (Worldwide)

Sticky IPs

Their Sticky IPs keep you pegged with an IP for a period of time before changing it to another IP. This period of time can either be 1 minute, 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the one you choose. Below is an example of GeoSurf Sticky IPs.

Country Code Gateway Standard Port Range
US-1m [10000 – 19999]
US-10m [10000 – 19999]
US-30m [10000 – 19999]

Decent Scraping Performance

When it comes to data scraping popularly known as web scraping, you do not need to worry about GeoSurf reliability in this regard. This is because it has been designed from ground up for this kind of task. It is one of their main selling points. To confirm the hype about the reliability of your proxies for web scraping,

Geosurf Scaping Performance

I tested their proxies on popular websites using an automation bot to send 300 concurrent connections.  Below is the result of my findings in a tabular format.

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 94 0 2 5
Adidas 90 0 2 7
Booking 90 0 1 9 92 0 0 8
Craigslist 77 0 2 19
Instagram 97 0 5 2
Nike 80 0 0 12
Linkedin 90 0 0 8
Google 70 1 3 20
Youtube 80 0 2 15

You will agree with me that the above result is excellent on a general basis. However, it seems to perform a little below average on Google, YouTube, Craigslist, and Nike. While this might be seen as a turn off for some users, it is not. This is because most of the blocks are not a denial of service but captchas to fight botting. So, if you have a good captcha solver, you shouldn’t have a problem using GeoSurf.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Response Time

Let me state here that you shouldn’t compare the response time of residential proxies with datacenter proxies. This is because, unlike datacenter proxies, the proxy gateway still has to route your requests through residential devices, and as such, response time is increased because of the increased latency.

For GeoSurf, the response time considering the fact that most of its proxies are residential (they have datacenter proxies but are not popular) is acceptable. Take a look at the response time below.

Geosurf Response Time Test

Average Response Time (s): 4.399

Proxy Connection Speed

If you are conversant with the workings of the Internet, you will know that because residential proxies have a higher response time than datacenter proxies, the connection speed is also affected – negatively.

However, that does not mean they are not fast, just that they are not as fast as datacenter proxies. GeoSurf is one of the fastest residential proxies out there. I tested the speed of my Internet connection using the Speedtest tool with GeoSurf proxy service activated and below is my result.

  • Location: Chicago
  • Average Ping: 113ms
  • Average Download: 6.86 Mbps
  • Average Upload: 2.55 Mbps

There are more proxy tests by stupidproxy, you can learn more also.

Easy to Setup and Use

GeoSurf made their website as intuitive as possible, and as such, even first-time users of their services will not find it difficult to use them. They have a clean and beautiful interface that is well structured and organized.

You only need a few clicks to carry out the task you want to on their website. To make things easier for their users, GeoSurf developed a browser extension that makes the integration of their proxies very easy for users of the Firefox browser, Chrome, and other Chromium browsers out there.

You are even presented information about your traffic log and how many bandwidths you are having remaining. Authentication is an easy task for GeoSurf. They support both the IP Authentication and the Username/Password Authentication. However, I need to let you know that when you whitelist a new IP (authenticate IP), it takes about 30 minutes for it to be ready for you.

Company Behind it is Trusted

The privacy of your browsing activities is a major concern. You wouldn’t want to make use of a fraudulent and malicious proxy provider that will either sell your data, snitch on you for the government, or do other malicious acts. The company behind GeoSurf is trusted.

BI Science owns GeoSurf, and this company is trusted. Interestingly, it is located in Israel which is one of the countries seen as a safe haven for VPN and proxy providers because the government does not require them to provide browsing data of their customers.

GeoSurf Cons

Despite all the above accolades, you still have to be wary of the aspect it flops before buying it. These are discussed below.

Price is Comparatively High

No doubt, residential proxies are expensive, and they are meant to be so. This is because of their effectiveness in keeping your IP hidden whilst avoiding detection as a proxy. However, when you have to cough out and empty your wallet to buy proxies, then such proxies can be termed as expensive. GeoSurf proxies are expensive – way above the average pricing of other proxy providers. This is understandable though.

This is because GeoSurf is a premium proxy service with a trusted company behind it, and their proxies get the job done without any trace. In the end, this is what you are paying for –trust, reliability, and security. Below is a screenshot of their plans and prices.

Geosurf pricing plan

Their smallest plan is sold at $300 and bundled with 20 GB bandwidth – if you exhaust this before the ending of the month, you’ll have to pay $15 per additional GB.

Customer Support is Below Average

GeoSurf has done well in terms of compiling a good FAQ page that provides answers to most of the commonly asked questions. However, it flops in other aspects of customer service support. This is in the area of live chat support and their responsiveness to emails.

You cannot have a live chat with any of their customer service representatives because there is no feature for it on their site. To make matters worse, they do not respond to emails as fast as they should, thereby keeping their customers waiting for long.

Do I Recommend GeoSurf?

No doubt, GeoSurf is one of the proxy providers that will give you a long-term value for the money if you have the budget to use their service. They are a trusted company and located in Israel, a proxy provider safe haven – perfect for your privacy.

Their proxies are reliable, secure, fast, and undetectable. Their main flop is in the areas of pricing and customer support. If this isn’t a problem for you, then go ahead, pay for their subscription, I recommend their usage!

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 3.7/10
  • Proxy Network - 4.1/10
  • Proxy Functions - 6.7/10
  • Customer support - 3.3/10

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