What is a High Anonymous Proxy? Answered!

Are you new to the world of proxies, and you want to know what the high anonymous Proxies are? Then come in now to read our article on what they are, how they work, and what they are best used for.

High Anonymous Proxy

If you have been reading about proxies, you will come across some proxies labeled anonymous proxies while some will be labeled high anonymous proxies or even high-anonymity proxies.

The high anonymous proxies and high-anonymity proxies are the same things, and the terms used interchangeably. What is different is the anonymous proxies – and what differentiates them is the level of anonymity.

This article is all about high anonymous proxies otherwise known as high-anonymity. To learn more about Anonymous proxies, read our article on Anonymous proxies here – You can also learn more about Transparent proxies here.

What is a high anonymous Proxy?

A high anonymous proxy is a type of HTTP proxy that is anonymous and takes security and privacy to a whole new level. unlike in the case of Anonymous proxies that they keep your IP Address hidden but identify themselves as proxies, high anonymous proxies do not identify themselves as proxies – they keep your IP Address hidden and present themselves as the client.

You might ask why to use a high anonymous proxy when you can simply use an anonymous proxy. The truth is many websites block anonymous proxies by default. By making use of a high anonymous proxy, you evade the proxy check ad you are given access to the resources you request for, The Key is the HTTP headers.


How High Anonymous Proxies Work?

The working principle of high anonymous proxies is the same with all anonymous proxies – they act as intermediary servers that your web requests are sent through. When the request gets to it, your request is modified, stripping out your IP Address and substituting it with a completely different one so that the webserver you are requesting content from will not know you are behind the request.

However, unlike Anonymous proxies that identify themselves as proxies, High-anonymity proxies do not identify themselves as proxies – How do proxies identify and not identify themselves to a web server? There are 3 HTTP headers meant for usage by proxy servers so that websites will know if the request sent to them are routed through proxy servers. These 3 headers include the HTTP_VIA, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, and REMOTE_ADDR.

REMOTE_ADDR = proxy IP address
HTTP_VIA = not determined (Blank)
HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = not determined (Blank)

So, When you using the high anonymous proxy also known as the Elite Proxy, The website owners can not detect you are using a proxy when using the high anonymous proxy.

When a web server receives a request, it looks at the content of these 3 headers to know how to respond to the request – and in them, contained are IP Addresses that serve as computer identifiers on the Internet and used for location identification. For high anonymous proxies, no information is contained in the HTTP_VIA and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR. The HTTP_VIA is meant to let websites know that requests have been routed through a proxy and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR is meant for the IP Address that initiated the request in the first place.

Because these 2 are blank, the server has no way of knowing the requests have been routed through a proxy. To cap it up, the REMOTE_ADDR will be modified, and a different IP Address is given. This makes you more secure and keeps your online identity (IP Address) hidden and you are treated as a regular user.

Where to get High Anonymous Proxies?

  • Free high Anonymous Proxies list

There are lots of public proxies that are high anonymous proxies, easily search “elite proxies list“, those open proxies are 100% free of charge,

And, You can read this post to learn how to Find Reliable and Working Public Proxies?

Also, you can use the paid option,

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That’s is why you need to make use of popular providers with premium proxies and have been tested and trusted. You can buy high anonymous residential proxies providers from Luminati, Smartproxy, Microleaves, Also, the high anonymous datacenter proxies providers from, MyprivateProxy, Highproxies, and InstantProxies, among many other providers in the market.

Advantage of high anonymous Proxies over Anonymous Proxies

The two will hide your IP Address – but one will reveal itself as a proxy while one will hide from been detected as a proxy.  The one that hides from being detected as a proxy (high anonymous Proxies) has some advantages over its anonymous counterparts (Anonymous Proxies).

Most complex websites that restrict users from certain locations from accessing some content do not allow the use of proxies. If any request is identified as a proxy through request, such a request will yield nothing in return – you won’t be given access to the resources you intend to access.

If you intend to access such a website, using Anonymous proxies will be counterproductive; you need to make use of high anonymous proxies that won’t identify themselves as proxies.

Aside from accessing restricted content, they provide you the best of privacy and make you less susceptible to cybercrimes that originated from Man-in-the-Middle attack.

However, it is important you know that when it comes to the aspect of security, the two are almost the same. You are truly at the mercy of the proxy server and that is why you have to be careful with the proxy provider you make use of. A good number of them are malicious in practice and you have to be wary of them.

Uses of high anonymous Proxies

If you ask me, I will tell you that high anonymous proxies are Anonymous proxies with a higher level of anonymity. And as such, they can be used for all the things you can use Anonymous proxies for.

Their area of application is quite numerous. While regular Internet users use them to evade censorship and access restricted and local content on the Internet, Internet marketers and researchers use them for other uses.

Organizations use them for brand protection. There are used extensively in SEO and by web scrapers and crawlers.

Automation experts also use them in sneaker copping, ticket scalping, and social media automation. They are also used in the area of Advertisement for Ads verification.


While you might be tempted to see high anonymous proxies as Anonymous proxies, they are not. They are differentiated by the content modification carried out on the HTTP_VIA and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.

Because of these modifications, high anonymous proxies are not identified by web servers and as such, they are the best when you require a high level of anonymity. However, they are usually more expensive.

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