How to Find Someone’s IP Address on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not reveal the IP addresses of its users, but that does not mean you cannot have access to it with a little bit of social engineering. Below is an article that highlights the ways you can find out the IP address of WhatsApp users with their help unknowingly.

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In the instant messaging world, WhatsApp is not a pushover – it has the most active monthly users even more than Facebook. It has a simple user interface and is the favorite for many Internet users. If you want to find the IP address of a WhatsApp user, then you will have to find ways to do that yourself. This is because WhatsApp does not reveal the IP address of its users.

While it has support for location sharing, it does not have support for IP address sharing. To make things even more difficult, WhatsApp is very smart in its approach to privacy that you cannot use the “netstat- an” command to detect the IP address of a user – instead, you will get one of the WhatsApp IP addresses.

If you can’t use the “netstat- an” command for finding the IP address of a WhatsApp user, then what method can you use? It turns out that using the command line is not the only method of checking one’s IP address without his knowledge, and you can use other methods to check out the IP address of a WhatsApp user.

Why Would I Need to Find Someone’s IP Address on WhatsApp?

IP addresses were developed for use for communication in a computer network, and that is why it is made available to web services anytime someone initiates a web request. As an individual, what would you need someone’s IP address for?

We are not a hacking group and aren’t going to teach you how to find someone’s IP address using WhatsApp in other to carry out a DDoS attack and other malicious practices on the person’s computer. There is only one reason why we are teaching you how to find someone’s IP address on WhatsApp – to find out the real location of persons you are chatting with.

Location sharing is largely on the part of the users you are chatting with – if they do not want to share or decide to fake it, you have no way of knowing. However, if you can find out the IP address of a user and then running a lookup using the tool, you can get geolocation details about the WhatsApp user.

It is important you know that if the person decides to spoof his real IP address, then these methods will not be effective – you will also be taught how to spoof your own IP address in other not to fall for this.

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Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address on WhatsApp

Find IP Address on WhatsApp

You can actually get the IP address of any WhatsApp user for free if you want – and you can also spend a little, depending on the method you choose. Another thing you need to know is that, unlike Facebook that there is another method if you do not wish to use social engineering.

On WhatsApp, getting the IP address of any user depends largely on how you are able to convince them to carry out certain actions online. Let take a look at the methods you can use to get the IP address of WhatsApp users.

Using a WhatsApp IP Logger

An IP logger is also known as an IP grabber. What these tools do is that they help you extract the IP address of any user that visits a URL and send it to a database you have access to. Currently, there are no specialized WhatsApp IP logger or grabbers.

However, you can use the general IP grabbers in the market for the tasks, and they will get the job done for you absolutely well. In this article, we will be using the Grabify IP Logger and URL Shortener as a WhatsApp IP logger.

All that is required is that you will provide Grabify a URL which it will shorten and then track every request to the shortened URL pulling out the IP address before redirecting the request to the real URL. Below is the step by step guide on how to use Grabify to collect IP addresses of WhatsApp users.

  • Grabify acts as a URL shortener, and as such, you will have to get the URL of a page you are sure the person will be interested in. With a URL chosen, head over to the Grabify website homepage.

Grabify website homepage

  • On the home page, paste the URL and click on the “Create URL’ button. This will generate a shortened URL for you that you will use as bait. Alongside the shortened URL is a tracking code which you will need to access the logged IP address of users that click on the shortened URL. Copy the URL

Grabify tracking code

  • Head over to WhatsApp and convince the user to click on the URL. Once that is done, the IP address will be logged. However, he would suspect such. This is because he will be redirected to the actual URL with the content you know he would be interested in.
  • Now head over to the Grabify homepage and enter the tracking code you copied earlier, and you will see a list of requests tracked. For each, not only the IP address is tracked, but you also get information about the ISP, location (country), time zone, device, and OS, among others.

Grabify IP information

Create a Custom IP Logger for WhatsApp

Custom IP Logger for WhatsApp

The above sounds great on paper, but not everyone falls for them. A good number of users on the Internet are wary of shortened links. For me personally, I wouldn’t compromise my privacy and security for shortened links. If a link is not full, I would either not visit it or use a tool to find the URL hidden behind the shortened link and then use that full URL directly.

Yes, there are tools that you can use to reveal the link hidden behind a shortened link, and as such, your target might be smart to use that and avoid falling for your trick. What then do you do? Depending on your coding skill and how important finding the target IP address is, you can create your own custom IP logger.

Creating your own custom IP logger for WhatsApp will mean knowing how to write code, buying a custom domain, and hosting it either on a free hosting plan or on a paid one. The advantage of creating your own IP logger as opposed to using an already-made one like Grabify is that you can customize it with features you like.

It will also have your own domain, and as such, there is no way around it. Provided the user is using his real IP address to access WhatsApp, you can have it. Below are the steps to follow in other to create your own custom IP logger or grabber.

  • Choose a language you can use to code a website. PHP developers can use PHP and MySQL to write an IP logger. For Python developers, they can use Django or even a lighter web framework or library. You can also use ExpressJS for NodeJS developers. In fact, you can write an IP logger with any web development programming language.
  • After coding the web application to help you grab the IP address and other details of every request it gets, you can head over to the other steps below. It is important you build the page you will be using as bait to suit the users so that they won’t suspect anything. It could even be as basic as a static page will information they would like to read.
  • Buy a dot com domain name from any of the domain registrars such as NameCheap, Godaddy, or any other provider you like.
  • There are free hosts you can use for hosting your IP logger tool. For this reason, there is no point in spending money paying for hosting. Click here to discover some of the free hosting providers you can use.
  • With the website created and hosted with a domain name, you can head over to WhatsApp and convince the user to visit your website. When he does that, his IP address will be grabbed and stored for you to access depending on the logic you coded.

How to Prevent IP Tracking on WhatsApp

Prevent IP Tracking on WhatsApp

From the above, you can see that your IP address can be discovered even without you knowing. For this reason, some users lookout for ways to prevent IP tracking. Currently, there are two methods to avoid IP tracking on WhatsApp and all of these depends on spoofing your IP address – VPN and proxies.

The best method is by using a VPN service such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark.

FAQs About WhatsApp IP Finder

IP addresses are not a secret item – they are made available anytime you send a web request, and as such, using an IP grabber or logger is not illegal. However, what you use the IP address for can be illegal. Just using it to confirm one’s location is not bad, but if you use it to carry out DDoS attacks or any other form of malicious acts, then it becomes illegal?

  • Why Not Use Tor to Prevent IP Tracking on WhatsApp?

It might interest you to know that the Tor network accessed using the Tor browser is one of the anonymous networks you can use to mask your real IP address – just like proxies and VPN services. Interestingly, it is free to use and does not require spending money. However, if you tried using the Tor network, you will discover how slow it is. Nowadays, not everyone wants to compromise speed, and as such, many users will rather buy fast proxies or VPNs that can get the work done at a fast speed.


WhatsApp is just like other social media platforms – it does not reveal its users' IP addresses. If you must get the IP address of a WhatsApp user, you must get the user to click on a URL.

A detailed guide on how to get that done has been highlighted in the article. The article also suggests the use of proxies and VPN servers to prevent yourself from IP tracking.

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