Instagram Promotion Services 2022: Get More Instagram Followers for Business

Are you looking for the best tools and services you can use to grow your Instagram account? Then the article below has been written for you as it described some of the top Instagram promotional services and tools in the market.

Top Instagram Promotional Services

Make no mistake about it — growing an Instagram account to a point where you can start making money off it is more difficult than you think especially if you have not done it before. The usual advice is for you to manage the account yourself, interacting with the content of others while posting high-quality content.

With some marketing, your account should organically grow into something big that is useful in terms of making money. However, this advice could get you to wait for a lifetime, require you to put in some marketing enough that you do not even have, and other things that are not within your reach.

However, with the help of some services that are geared towards promoting Instagram accounts, you can get your account popular in no time. There are many services and tools you can use to grow your Instagram accounts with less effort on your side that would fasten your Instagram account growth process. In this article, we would be discussing some of the best tools and services that you can use to grow and manage your Instagram account.

Best Instagram Account Management Tools

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts you need to manage effectively or do you simply want to schedule your posts so that you can publish them at a later date/time? With the help of an Instagram management tool, you can get these and many more done.

Account management tools are safe to use as Instagram does not see anything wrong with scheduling posts. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the popular social media management tools you can use to manage your Instagram accounts.

1. Sproutsocial

SproutSocial overview

Sproutsocial has proven to be a leader when it comes to social media management and it has got support for Instagram. This social media management tool is the tool for you if you want to understand your audience, plan your posting schedule, get insight from your activities, monitor your brand across social media platforms, as well as engage with your audience from a streamlined unified inbox for your social media accounts.

This tool is quite popular and is being used by over 30K world-class brands and organizations. For its publishing support, you get the chance to schedule posts, optimize post time, use a shared calendar for posting, and even get content suggestions. Sproutsocial has got support for URL tracking, asset library, content approval workflow, and social commerce, among others.

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot overview

SocialPilot is one of the popular Instagram account management tools you can use to manage multiple accounts effectively without the fear of getting your accounts suspended. SocialPilot makes it easy for you to manage your accounts in one tool. But that is not all, you can use it to interact and engage with your audience with stellar posts and insightful analytics reports.

SocialPilot has got support for automating your content calendar by uploading up to 500 posts with images with a single upload. One thing you will come to like about the publishing support is the bird view content grid which makes it easy for you to reshuffle content. It has got support for team collaboration features such as setting roles and content approval workflow.

3. SocialBee

SocialBee overview

Another social media management tool you can use to manage your Instagram accounts is SocialBee. SocialBee pride itself as the tool that you only need to less effort to get more lead. While this is just an exaggeration, there is no doubt that it is one of the best tools for managing Instagram accounts and it is also safe to use as you are not breaking any rule even though there is some form of automation in terms of automating content posting.

Aside from Instagram, SocialBee has got support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok. One added feature of this tool is its support for importing and exporting content via the RSS feed.

4. Agorapulse

Agorapulse overview

Are you looking to stay organized while managing your accounts across many accounts and even across social media platforms? Then the Agorapulse service is one of the services you should consider. Agorapulse comes with some powerful feature that makes it a good fit as an Instagram management tool. Some of these include a unified inbox for all of your messages across accounts and platforms.

It has also got support for publishing which supports the process from planning, collaborating, to schedule. Agorapulse also has support for monitoring your brand mentions on social media and is a powerful insight tool for analytics.

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire overview

Last on the list of social media platforms that make the managing of Instagram easy is Crowdfire. This application is available on Android, iOS, and PC. You can use Crowdfire to discover content to post on your social media accounts or even post from your websites and blocks automatically.

It has got support for scheduling posts so that you can post at the right time even when you are away from your device. One feature you will come to like in Crowdfire is its support for optimizing and tailoring posts to fit the popular social media platforms so that you do not have to do that yourself thereby saving you time and stress.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

The above is just for managing your account and let's face it — it only makes sense if you already have a following and you are finding it difficult to manage the accounts effectively. If you want to aggressively grow your account and want to automate most of your tasks, then an automation bot is what you need.

However, you need to know that when using an automation bot, you at always at the risk of getting your account suspended as Instagram does not support their usage.

You need to learn the art of Instagram automation before you start using a bot to get it done on your real accounts. Below are some of the popular Instagram bots in the market for Instagram automation.

1. Inflact

Inflact overview

While the three above are installable software you need to have installed on your computer to use, the Inflact software is s web-based application that you can access using a web browser. This Instagram bot comes with support for smartly targeting users you interact with so that you only get targeted followers in your follower base.

The bot has got support for post scheduling and AI hashtag generation which makes it easy for you to discover trendy hashtags and use them automatically in your posts. In terms of messaging, Inflact also comes through as it has got support for direct messages and even an auto-reply bot for DM.

2. Nitreo

Nitreo overview

Nitreo is the service for you if you want to put your account on autopilot and work around the clock. With the help of Nitreo, you can grow your account easily and get your account in front of Instagrammer which would help your account grow over time organically.

The tool is an only-based tool. Because you earn followers by engagement, the followers you gain are real followers. This makes it better than buying followers which in most cases, all you get are bot followers masqueraded as real followers by making sure the profiles look real. The followers you get from using Nitreo are targeted as it has got support for niche targeting and it is easy to set up and use.

3. Jarvee

Jarvee overview

Jarvee is arguably one of the best and the most popular Instagram automation tools in the market.  It is the de facto social media automation bot as it does not only have support for Instagram but also many of the popular social media platforms. Jarvee provides you full control over its activities which is best for those with Instagram automation experience.

Without experience, your accounts can easily get detected and blocked. With Jarvee, you can automate schedule posts, follow, unfollow, follow-back, auto-like, block users, add comments, and even manage comments, among many others. Jarvee is an installable software and does have support for proxies if you need to automate multiple accounts.

4. Socinator

Socinator overview

The Social Dominator simply known as Socinator is a social media bot that you can use to automate many of your tasks, helping you grow your account faster on auto-pilot. The software has got support for Instagram, among many social media platforms and it remains one of the most popular software for Instagram automation to date. When used right, it would not only grow your account — but keep it safe while at it.

Some of the activities you can use Socinator for includes automatically publishing posts and comments, auto-follow and follow back, blocking users, broadcasting messages, unfollowing users, deleting posts, schedule profile picture change, among many others. The tool has support for analytics and reports to help you know how it is performing.

5. FollowingLike

FollowingLike overview

FollowingLike is one of the Instagram automation tools in the market you can use without the fear of getting your account compromised as the team behind it are professionals. Just like in the case of the other bots described above, it is software you need to install on your PC in other to make use of it.

FollowingLike has got support for imitating human interactions and behavior on the Instagram platform in other to make it difficult to be detected as a bot since bots are not supported and your account would most likely be penalized if you are discovered to be using a bot.

Best Services to Buy Engagements (Follow, Likes, Comments)

One of the ways you can grow your account is by faking engagement otherwise known as social proof. It is also known that many Instagram users would not want to interact with an account that does not have many followers.

For this reason, if you are a new user on Instagram and want to gain some form of social proof, there are some websites you can buy from. You can buy anything from likes to followers, comments, and even views for your stories. Below are some of the websites you can buy these from.

1. Mr. Insta

Mr Insta Homepage

When it comes to the list of tested and trusted websites where you can buy Instagram engagements from, Mr. Insta is one of the services trusted sites. Mr. Insta offers real followers and likes from real human accounts and not bots as many other would profile you. How it does this is simple — it has a free follower service that it obviously provides bot followers for.

In exchange, users of this service are asked to follow targeted profiles of paid customers.  By doing this, the service provides an unending flow of real followers to paid customers while the free customers get bot followers. Mr. Insta delivers the number of followers and likes you want within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

2. Stormlikes

Stormlikes Homepage

Stormlikes is one of the services that has been set up to provide Instagrammers with engagements. Unlike in the case of Mr. Insta that provides users with only followers and likes, Stormlikes provide followers, likes, auto-likes, and views for clients. This service is completely a paid service and there is no free trial or any free tier for you — you must pay in other to make use of it.

Aside from providing Instagram services, Stormlikes also supports other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitch, Spotify, Soundcloud, and TikTok. Stormlikes is quite easy and does not compromise your accounts as you are not required to provide your account login details.

3. Media Master

Media Mister Homepage

Media Master is another website that offers social media growth services. With this site, you can buy a host of engagement and growth metrics for Instagram. Some of the things you can buy include followers, likes, comments, comment replies, mentions, profile visits, story pool votes, and post reach, among others.

Media Master can be said to be like Stormlikes in the sense that it does not only support Instagram but other social media platforms as well. However, the number of platforms it supports dwarfs that of Stormlikes as it supports most of the popular social media in the market right now.

4. InstaMama

InstaMama Homepage

Looking for a website where you can buy followers, likes, and views and get them delivered to you in no time after payment is confirmed? Then InstaMama is the service of choice.

One thing you need to know about the InstaMama service is that it claims it does not offer bot followers — only real followers. According to the information on its website, it helps people earn followers via social media groups and community a well as paid adverts and by using influencers.

However, this claim is questionable as the pricing does not look like what is enough for all of these. For this reason, I will advise you to only use this to boost your follower count as the followers you are getting wouldn’t be engaging with your content.

5. Poprey

Poprey Homepage

Poprey is last on our list of the services you can buy followers, likes, and comments from. This service has proven to be one of the tops when it comes to selling engagements. As a new user, this service offers you free trials for likes and followers.

However, they do not offer free trials for the other services such as comments and views. Just like in the case f the other 4 above, you need to make sure your profile is public since they would be sending you the followers and likes without requesting your login details.

FAQs About Instagram Promotional Services

  • Are Instagram Promotional Services Supported by Instagram?

The answer to this question is YES and NO. Instagram does allow its users to make use of account management software with minimal automation support such as Agorapulse, Crowdfire, and Sproutsocial. These management softwares only automates a few tasks such as post scheduling and does not affect the quality of the community negatively.

On the other hand, it does not support the use of automation bots for putting the account on autopilot which goes about liking, commenting,  and even following other users. It also does not support buying of engagements such as likes, followers, and views, among others.

  • Do Instagram Bots Work now?

Unlike in the past where Instagram automation is easy and everyone can pick any bot and start automating his tasks, the time has changed, and now, you need the knowledge of Instagram automation before using any bot.

This is because bots and bot-like behaviors are increasingly being detected by Instagram and as such, not all bots are suitable. For those that are suitable for automation, you need to use them in the right way else, you would still be detected as using a bot and risk getting your account suspended.


Growing an Instagram account can be hard, time-consuming, and require you to have patience as a successful growth strategy requires time to yield any reasonable result. However, with the help of Instagram promotional services such as the ones decried in the article above, we can shorten the time required to get our account popular.

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