The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Proxies for IG automation (2024)

Instagram Proxies

Are you about to start your journey in Instagram automation and you’ve been told proxies are a key to its success? Really, you have been told the truth. You cannot succeed in Instagram automation without using proxies – and not any types of proxies but the ones that work perfectly with Instagram. This is because Instagram is one of the major anti-bot social networking platforms and they can sniff and block accounts using proxies.

They are aware that most automation tools are done with the help of proxies and as such, they have strict security measures in place to detect and block accounts using proxies. That’s why you need to buy proxies specifically engineered for Instagram. These types of proxies are known as Instagram proxies. In this article, you’ll be learning all you need to know about Instagram proxies. Take this as an ultimate guide to Instagram proxies.

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What is an Instagram Proxy?

Instagram proxies are “private” proxies used for managing multiple Instagram accounts in other to grow an audience and interact effectively with them. They are not different from other proxies that serve as intermediary servers that web requests are routed through them in other to conceal the IP address of the computer that initiates the request. However, unlike general proxies, Instagram proxies are well optimized for working perfectly with Instagram.

In the past, you do not need proxies optimized for Instagram before you can automate your tasks on multiple accounts. However, in recent years, their anti-spam detection systems have become smart enough that detecting an account behind a proxy is no longer difficult. And when they detect such an account, the next thing they do is to block them. In fact, it might interest you to know that some proxies have been automatically blocked – even without being used on IG before.

However, regardless of the security measures in place to detect and deny proxy requests access, some proxy service providers have learned how Instagram detect proxies and have built specialized proxies to evade Instagram scrutiny. This together with the following best practices will prevent your accounts from being blocked.

What Do Instagram Proxies Do?

Instagram proxies provide Instagram bots with the opportunity to automate multiple accounts without getting discovered. The fact that you are interested in learning about Instagram bot means that you already know that Instagram is notorious for banning accounts. Instagram does not expect you to have more than 5 accounts. If you do, you are going against their terms and conditions and that will earn you a ban across all your accounts when discovered.

The situation becomes worse if you’re using an automated bot to access their services as that also is against their terms and conditions. To evade been found as a defaulter, your only option is by using proxies. With proxies, your device IP address is hidden and that of the proxy or its associated network of devices is shown, thereby allowing you to manage countless accounts without raising suspicion. They have become a foolproof way of managing multiple accounts through Instagram bot without getting the accounts blocked.

However, for them to be effective, you have to follow the best practices of Instagram automation because frankly, if you allow your Instagram bot to go all out and keep telling Instagram it’s a bot because it isn’t mimicking human in its operation, there’s no amount and type of proxy that will help you – your accounts will be banned for good!

Why You Might Not Need Instagram Proxies

From the above, you must have been tempted to think you cannot automate your tasks on Instagram without proxies. You are wrong if that’s what you are thinking. Instagram proxies are not a Swiss-knife, that should be used in all situations. In fact, I can tell you categorically that there are some situations where using Instagram proxies are just a waste of your money.

Take, for instance, if you have only 2-3 Instagram accounts that you need to automate, it is unwise to say you want to make use of proxies. You know why? It is natural for Instagram when such a number of accounts are managed from the same device and as such, no red flag is raised unless you set your automation tool to work recklessly. And even in this case, your accounts aren’t blocked because you have multiple accounts, but they are blocked because you’re using a bot that is against their terms.

Where Can I Get Instagram Proxies

Like I stated above, Instagram proxies do not come by easily. Many proxies already on the ground have been blocked by Instagram. The ones not blocked are on the edge of being block, that’s why you need to be careful as regards to the proxies you buy. Regardless of the proxy provider, you choose to buy proxies from, you need to know that residential and mobile proxies are the best for Instagram automation.

Let take a lot at the types of proxies that can be used for Instagram automation and where you can buy them from – I used the word buy for a reason, I will never advise you to use free proxies not even for Instagram automation but any other serious activity.

Also known as 4G proxies for Instagram. Mobile proxies are the proxies that route their users' requests to a website through its associated mobile devices. In this type of proxies, the proxy providers have a network of mobile devices that they use to route their customers' web requests through. Mobile proxies are the best type of proxies for Instagram. You want to know why?

Unlike residential devices, mobile devices do not have permanent IP addresses. Mobile Network Operators (MNO) assign IP addresses to mobile devices when they want to connect to the internet and withdraw them back when the device Internet connection is switched off.

The same IP address is being shared by a thousand of users. Because they aren’t permanently assigned to any device or user, Instagram finds it difficult to block them, because they fear they will be denying thousands of users access to their service.

And considering the fact that most Instagram users use mobile devices to access it, mobile proxies are the natural proxies to use for Instagram automation.

Some of the providers of mobile proxies for Instagram include Bright Data, Soax, Proxy-IPv4, and Proxy-Cheap  

But, mobile proxies are known to be expensive. For their rotating type, you will spend an average of between $15 – $20 per GB. this can quickly add up for tasks that consume a lot of bandwidth. If you are on a tight budget, there are cheap mobile proxy pools you can utilize for your Instagram automation tasks. These will rotate IP for you after each request, effectively hiding the fact that your multiple requests are from a single device.

This is helpful for scraping Instagram. There are some providers that have support for session management, effectively allowing you to maintain sessions – a requirement for managing accounts on Instagram. This is especially useful for managing multiple Instagram accounts for automating tasks such as follow, subscription, and mass liking accounts, among others.

Based on the low-budget requirement, the Hydraproxy service is the provider that meet this requirement, which is the cheapest you will get in the market.

Residential proxies are a unique type of proxies that routes clients’ requests through residential IP addresses of real devices provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Since the requests reach Instagram through real devices linked to a home address, the request is not seen as spamming. Because of the level of trust Residential proxies have earned. However, the fact that they are fewer and less available had made them be quite expensive.

Because the barrier of entry into the provision of residential proxies is high, not many proxy providers provide these types of proxies. For the ones that provide them, not all are suitable for Instagram.

I have done my findings in this regard and I discovered that Smartproxy, Bright Data, and Soax have the best residential proxies for Instagram.

I am using private proxies here to mean datacenter proxies since over 90 percent of private proxies are datacenter proxies. This type of proxies uses IP addresses own by datacenters. Because they are owned by data centers and not assigned by Internet Service Providers, they are usually seen as spam and blocked by Instagram.

Not only Instagram, but almost all websites with strict measures in place to checkmate proxies also have them as the number one target because they are more available and cheap. In fact, some of them are even free.

However, there are still some of them that can still evade an Instagram anti-spam filter and help you in your automation process. Some of these include MyPrivateProxy, Proxy-Seller, and Instantproxies. The main reason people use these is that they are incredibly cheap. However, if you can, please avoid them. Most of the private proxies have already been marked and banned by Instagram.

FAQs About Instagram Proxies

Can I use free proxies for Instagram?

No, you can’t! I will never advise you to use free proxies for anything let alone for a site like Instagram with strict measures to prevent the use of proxies. Free proxies are the worse type of proxies you can ever use regardless of what you want to use them for.

At their best, they get your IP address leaked. At their worse, a lot of unthinkable can happen. Data you transfer through them can be stolen. You can become a target for hackers and spammers among other dubious things that could happen.

What are the types of proxies for Instagram bots needs?

HTTP proxies are the types of proxies for Instagram bots and other social media bots in general need.

Do share proxies work on Instagram?

No, they will not. The possibility of the ones you have had already been blocked is very high. Even if they have not been blocked, immediately you use them on Instagram, they will definitely be blocked. This makes them a waste of your money.

How many proxies do I need per account?

The only one will do. You do not need more than one proxy for an account. This is because it is natural for an account to use one IP.

How many Instagram accounts per proxy

The correct answer to this question is – it depends on the type of proxy you’re using. If you are using a private proxy, then I will advise you to use one proxy per Instagram account. However, if you’re using mobile proxies, you can use 5-10 accounts per proxy.

How to avoid ban while using proxies

To avoid getting your proxies and accounts banned while using Instagram automation, you need to avoid using more than the stated number of accounts per proxy. You also need to spread your tasks hourly so as to avoid carrying them out at ones.

Is Instagram automation Dead?

For years, From Mass Planner to Instagress, Nowaday's Jarvee for Instagram automation! For years the lots of IG bots are dead, but the Instagram automation is never dead!


Now that you’ve known what Instagram proxies are, their types, and where to buy them, it is time to use them in your Instagram automation exercises.

If you follow Instagram automation best practices and use only the number of accounts advised on a proxy, the risk of getting your accounts or proxies banned will be extremely low.

Needless to say, what you stand to gain from using them is worth the risk. So, go on, automate your multiple Instagram accounts with peace of mind using Instagram proxies.

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