How to Check the Quality of Proxy IPs (Proxy Quality Checker 2024)

Do you want to check the quality of a proxy to see if it can be detected or has the characteristics that can get it to be labeled as fraudulent? Then come in now and discover the best services to check proxy/IP quality.

Check the Quality of Proxy IPs

The quality of proxies available for sale on the Internet has degraded – this is even more for non-virgin proxies that their IPs have history of usage across multiple websites.

If you must buy proxies nowadays, you need to consider the quality of the proxies and their associated IP addresses. This is because websites have tightened their systems against the use of proxies as they are seen as deceptive and fraudulent. If an IP is detected as a proxy, have a history that’s fraudulent, or its characteristics have the resemblance of IPs of such, access will be denied.

When it comes to checking the fraudulent history of a proxy and if it can be detected, you have to make use of tools for that. And when using a tool, you just have to know that you will not always get the real picture of the situation.

However, you’re sure that any proxy that has been flagged by these tools will most likely be detected by websites that have does not support the use of proxy server. If you intend to get a better result, you have to test your proxy IP address across multiple tools. I will be recommending some of the best proxy detection and IP reputation checkers in the market.

Why Do You Need to Check for IP Quality?

All proxy providers in the market claim that their proxies are clean, undetectable, and compatible with most websites on the Internet. Some will even go as far as labeling their virgin IPs.

However, the situation experienced by proxy users is different as some of the proxies are easily detected, and some have a history of fraudulent activities online. In fact, some proxies must have already been blacklisted by some websites before they even get to your hand.

Check for IP Quality

While providers claim to monitor their pool and remove bad IPs, they are not living up to their claims. Without testing out for the quality of the proxies before using them, you risk getting your project ruined, your accounts on the websites you use them blocked – and money wasted.

When the quality of a proxy is excellent, and it does not have a bad history, then you get a proxy you can trust. Any other thing is gambling, and I am sure you’re in for that.

Best Tools for Checking the Quality of Your Proxies

There are a good number of tools available to you for checking the quality of your proxies. Most of these tools are more or less the same with some variations. However, some of them have proven to be quite different, and their performance better than the others in the market. Let take a look at some of the best IP quality checkers below.



Top on our list of proxy IP quality Checker is the minFraud tool provided by Maxmind. minFraud will provide you with fraud intelligence data. minFraud is not justa proxy checker tool. It is an all-encompassing tool that will help you detect fraud in transactions and information found online.

There are two metrics that are very important in the minFraud tool –riskScore and IP risk Score. The IP risk score is a score that shows the quality of an IP in percentage. This tool can also detect if a traffic is through either a proxy or a VPN.



IPQualityScore is one of the most accurate IP quality checkers in the market right now. This tool is free and easy to use. One thing you will come to like about IPQualityScoreis thatit provides you an IP fraud score, which makes it the perfect tool for IP reputation checking online.

This tool automatically detects your IP address and help you run the IP quality tests with just a click. IPQualityScore has a proxy detection technology that willreveal to you if your proxies and VPNs, IPsare detectable. IPQualityScoremakes use of machine learning, honeypots, range scanning, clients’ reports, and blacklisting to identify high-risk IP addresses. does not provide a fraud score or any metric that shows the history of your IP address. It is majorly an IP lookup tool that you can use to check the information of any IP address you wish. You can make use of this tool to check if a proxy is detectable or not. is a trusted service and handles over 20 billion API requests for businesses and companies. You can integrate their API into your system to automate checking IP address information and making decisions based on the returned JSON data.


IP2Proxy Proxy Detection

IP2Proxy is a pretty straightforward tool – it is specialized and meant for detecting proxies. IP2Proxy is free and easy to use. However, unlike the above IP quality checker tools, it has nothing to do with checking the history of the IPs.

Its main focus is detecting if traffic originating from your computer are detectable as proxies through traffic. IP2Proxy does not only detect if you are making use of proxies, but it can also tell the type of proxies –TOR, web proxies, VPNs, hosting providers, and a few others. When it comes to proxy detection, IP2Proxy is one of the best tools available for free.


Scamalytics testing

IP2Proxy and Scamalytics get their IP data from the same source – However, while IP2Proxy is specialized in the area of detecting proxies, Scamalyticsdoes more. In addition to detecting proxies/VPNs/TOR, Scamalyticscan also be used for IP address fraud check – it has a fraud scoring system that it uses in assigning a fraud score to an IP address. Scamalytics have in its database, a large list containing high-risk IP addresses – some of them are even displayed on the tool’s homepage.

FAQs about Quality of Proxy IPs

  • What are IP Quality/Reputation Checkers?

These are tools that can be used to check the quality of an IP address and discover whether it has a good history or not. These tools can be useful in anti-fraud systems to moderate high-risk IP addresses. Proxy users can also use them to know if their proxies are clean – and do not have any fraud/spam history attached to it.

  • How Effective are IP Quality Checker Tools?

The truth is, these tools cannot be 100 percent effective. This can be seen for the fact that many proxies are still undetectable as proxies, especially the residential and mobile proxies. For the history of an IP, there’s no single database where all abused IPs are recorded, and as such, some IPs might have a history of spam, and the tools wouldn’t capture that. Make sure you test your IP address across many of the tools to reach a valid conclusion.

  • Is the Information Provided by IP Quality Checker Tools Correct?

Not all of the information provided should be taken seriously. Take, for instance, my device IP address was flagged by IPQualityScore as 49 percent fraudulent. However, this has nothing to do with the IPs online history but the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that assigned me the IP.

Some tools will flag an IP based on location and ISP. I understand they make use of machine learning and a mix of some other techniques for their checks, and this is bound to happen. Aside from this experience I had, my other experiences were excellent.

  • How Do I Unmask an IP Address?

If an IP address has been masked by way of using a proxy, VPN, or the TOR Browser, there’s nothing you can do as an individual to get the real IP address. This is because it has been unbundled with the request – and can no longer be raced by web services its access.


If you suspect the proxies you just bought are of low quality, then it is important you test them, checking for their history to see if they have anything fraudulent – and checking whether they can be detected as proxies. You can use any of the above tools for IP quality checks.


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