How to Create Multiple Nike SNKRS accounts Safely? (Still Work in 2024)

Creating multiple Nike SNKRS accounts that won’t be banned can be difficult considering the measures put in place by Nike. Let me show you the right way to create multiple Nike accounts without getting banned.

Multiple Nike Accounts Creation

Are you looking forward to creating Nike accounts to use for copping limited edition Nike sneakers and other apparel from the Nike platform? If your answer to this question is yes, then you probably already know that Nike does not allow a user to manage more than one account.

This is managing multiple Nike accounts would mean that you want to get more than a pair in their limited-edition releases, and that is against their term of service. Nike does not only discourage the creation of multiple accounts; they do have an effective anti-spam system that enforces this rule.

If you try creating multiple Nike accounts the regular way you create a single account, there is a high probability that all of the accounts would get suspended in no time. However, this does not mean you cannot create and manage multiple accounts on the Nike platform.

There are techniques you can follow to create multiple Nike accounts that won’t be detected, and this method will be discussed in this article. Before going into the methods, let take a look at what multiple Nike accounts are, what they are used for and why you should create them.

What are Multiple Nike Accounts, and Why Create them?

Multiple Nike Accounts

Multiple Nike accounts are Nike accounts created and managed by an individual, usually for the purpose of increasing his chances at copping more pairs of Nike limited-edition releases. If you are to follow the Nike term of usage, you are only allowed to create one account as an individual.

This means that you are not allowed to create more than one account, and as such, you can no longer use your real personal and billing details to create another account after your first account. This means that the other accounts would have to be stealth accounts and shouldn’t be discovered.

Basically, the major reason why you will want to create multiple Nike accounts is to increase your chances of copping their limited edition items. For their raffle draws, you can only send one entry, but having multiple accounts would mean you would be able to send multiple entries, which would increase your chances of winning.

Aside from raffles, you also need multiple Nike accounts in their regular first-come-first-serve model if you need to cop more pairs as you can only cop one pair with an account.

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Can I Have Multiple Nike Accounts?

The simple answer to this question is yes; you can have multiple Nike accounts even though Nike does not allow such. However, this would depend on how you create the account and manage them, as Nike is always on the lookout for multiple accounts and would ban all of your accounts, including the first real one, if you are discovered to manage multiple accounts.

Nike uses IP addresses and cookies, as well as your personal and payment method, to track you. If you must manage multiple accounts, then IP footprint, cookies, personal and billing details would have to be unique. Fortunately for you, all of these can be done easily, and that is what you will be learning in this guide.

Step-by-Step to Create Multiple Nike Accounts

In this section of the article, we would be describing the step-by-step guide on how to create multiple Nike accounts. In order for you to be organized, it is advisable for you to create an excel file with the following headings – first name, last name, date of birth, location, password, email address, phone number, payment method, delivery address, IP address, and browser profile.

Step 1: Create Unique User Persona

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Each account would have to look unique, and that starts from the personal details that would be used. While you can use a combination of letters as you like, and that would work, you will need real names for the account to look real. You can use the names of people around you.

If you do not want to crack your brain, you can just go ahead and use the Fake Name Generator to help you generate as many user personas as you like. For each of the user persona generated, copy down the first name, last name, location, and date of birth in the excel file created. Also, use a password-generating software to create a password for each.

Step 2: Create Multiple Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Nike requires you to verify your account using both your phone number and email address for you to be able to use the account to purchase their products. For each account, you will have to use a unique email address and phone number. Except you want to create too many accounts, you can use Gmail as it allows you to create and manage multiple email addresses.

However, it still does have a limit, and as such, if you know you will be creating too many accounts, you are better off using our guide on how to create multiple Gmail accounts for the Gmail account creation process to avoid getting them banned.

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For phone numbers, some users would want to get a new SIM card for each of the accounts, but you will agree with me that that would be overkill, and in some situations, that is not even possible. This is because some countries put a limit on the number of SIM cards a person can have.

So what then do you do if you need many phone numbersfor verification purposes? The simple answer is to use a web service that provides mobile numbers for verification as a service. There are a good number of services that offer you phone numbers for a small amount of money. In this guide, we would recommend you to make use of the Dingtone service. Dingtone has support for both Android and iOS. Make sure the location you phone number location tallies with the location of your profiles.

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Step 3: Purchase Proxies

As stated earlier, Nike uses your IP address to keep a tab on you, and unfortunately, each device has a unique IP address assigned to it, and it sends out with every web request. If you must create multiple accounts that won’t be detected, you must find a way to Spoof or hide your IP address and have each account have a different IP address assigned to it.

Fortunately for us, getting IP addresses is quite easy, only that it costs money. Proxy service providers would provide you as many IP addresses as you want for a fee. Not all proxies work with Nike since the service has an effective anti-spam system.

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Residential proxies work quite great, and we recommend residential proxies from Smartproxy as they are some of the best in terms of performance and are quite affordable. Another reason that made us recommend the Smartproxy residential proxy service is that it has a proxy generator tool that will provide you a proxy list so that you can assign a unique IP address to each of the accounts. You can go ahead and purchase their smallest plan sold for $75.

Login and use the generator tool to generate a proxy list and then copy the proxy address, port, username, and password down in a separate excel sheet. Just write the proxy address under the IP address heading in the excel file you created earlier with the first name, last name, email address, etc., headings.

Step 4: Create Multiple Browser Profiles/Environments

Edit this Cookie

We stated earlier that Nike also uses cookies for tracking. So what is the fix around that? Some users would want to make use of the Edit This Cookies browser plugin so that they can keep track of cookies and manage them for each account, but if you ask me, except you are experienced in doing it and do not make any mistake, this can be complicated, and a lot of hard work on the long run as you might make a mistake and screw things up.

Instead of trying to delete and edit cookies every now and then, you are better off making use of multiple profiles browser software such as Multilogin, Kameleo, and GoLogin, among others.


These multi-profile browsers provide you the opportunity to have as many browser environments as you like by creating profiles. Each profile will have its own cookies, local storage, and browser configuration. The proxy list you generated earlier would be used to provide each profile you created a unique IP footprint.

You can go ahead and create as many browser profiles as the number of Nike accounts you want to create. For each profile, bind it to unique proxy details and write the name of the profile in the excel file so that each account would have a unique browser profile.


Step 5: Go Ahead and Create Your Multiple Nike Accounts

At this stage, it is expected that all of the fields in the first excel file you created have been filled. It is also important that you have created multiple browser profiles, and for each, you have assigned it a unique proxy detail.

Now go ahead and use the information created earlier to start creating the account, making sure you only create an account on a single browser profile. Make sure you verify the accounts using the Dingtone application and Gmail.

With your Nike accounts verified, you can now use them for your copping tasks. But wait, there is more you need to do to keep your accounts safe while copping. Let take a look at the best method to manage your multiple Nike accounts.

How to Manage Multiple Nike Accounts Safely?

Keep Them Safe and Increase Your Chances

Have you asked yourself if you can use the same delivery address and payment method for the accounts you created? Well, just like in the case of other details, if these are not unique, your accounts would be detected as multiple accounts and would be suspended.

For delivery addresses, you can use the service of mailing address providers that would provide you addresses for receiving your orders and then forward them to you. These services can provide you as many mailing addresses as you need. For the payment method, you can use the service of virtual credit card issuers such as Capital One and Citi. This way, you can get many CVV and other card details to use.

One thing you will need to understand is that except you are only interested in using your multiple accounts for entering raffle draws, you will need to use different software to manage your account. There are a good number of Nike bots available that are fast and increases your chances of copping more pairs.

Without using a Nike bot, you will most likely lose out if you use the multi-profile browser software, as you will be extremely slow. Some of the best Nike bots in the market include Better Nike Bot (BNB) and Nike Shoe Bot (NSB), among others.

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Conclusively, it is important I stress here that sometimes, you are better off buying already created Nike accounts than creating them yourself as buying is cheaper provided you get a reputable seller.

This is because if you are to create them yourself, you will have to spend money on proxies, multi-profile browser software, and virtual phone number for verification, among others.

Except you want to create a lot of accounts, buying from a reputable seller such Verified Nike Accounts, and CopAccounts, among others as it is more profitable and economically.

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