Best Nike Proxies of 2024 – GEO Targeting‎ & Never Get Subnet Ban

Nike is the most aggressive sneaker brand fighting against botting. They have a smart system in place to vet traffic and detect ones with abusive behaviors.

One of the key indicators of botting is the use of proxies, and as such, you have to try as much as possible to hide all traces of using proxies. That’s where Nike proxies come in – they have been found to work alongside Nike bots like Another NIKE BOT, Ghost SNKRS Bot, Better Nike Bot without getting discovered.

proxies for nike snkrs

Because Nike has a strict anti-spam system, you have to match it with proxies that are difficult to detect. So far, the most economical proxies you should use for copping sneakers from Nike sites are residential proxies. Below are the top 5 residential proxies that have been found to work perfectly with Nike sites.

Top 5 Nike SNKRS Proxies Providers

  • Smartproxy: (Editor Choice) – Nike SNKRS Proxies for AJ releasing
  • Proxy-Seller: ISP Proxies for Nike Bots
  • Bright Data: Special residential proxies for Nike SNKRS
  • SimplyNode: Optimized for Adidas, Nike, Supreme
  • Nimbleway: Sneaker proxies compatible with most Nike bots

1. Smartproxy

  • Number of IP in Pool: Over 40 million
  • Location: 195 locations including cities in the United States
  • The concurrent connection allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Starts at 2GB
  • Cost: Starts at $22 monthly for 2GB

Arguably one of the best residential proxies in the market, Smartproxy provides high-speed internet connection and high-grade performance matched by only a few in the industry.

Interestingly, they have support for sneaker proxies, and Nike sites happen to be one of the key sites their sneaker proxies work with. These proxies can be either rotating or static, so the one you choose depends on the specs of your bot. It remains one of the best Nike proxies you can use.

nike proxies from smart proxy

2. Proxy-Seller

  • Locations: 18 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $3 per proxy monthly

Proxy-Seller’s ISP proxies are some of the best proxies to use for Coppin limited-edition Nike sneakers. This is because the ISP proxies offer you th both world of datacenter and residential proxies. They offer you the speed of datacenter proxies and the undetectable nature of residential proxies. This makes them a good provider of Nike Proxies.

Although, before you purchase these for Nike, you need to know that Proxy-Seller's ISP proxy supports IP addresses in 18 countries including the United States, Poland, and the Netherlands etc. If you need IPs from other regions other than this, then Proxy-Seller I is not for you. But for these locations, Proxy-Seller is a good provider with excellent uptime and good pricing.

3. Bright Data

  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million IPs
  • Locations: All countries and major cities around the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $15 monthly for 1GB

Bright Data Residential Overview

Bright Data is arguably the number one provider of proxies in the market. It is also the pioneer of many proxy types including ISP proxies. Their residential proxies are the fastest you can get in the market and provide you full control over sessions while allowing you to create many proxy endpoints. With this, you have the perfect ingredients and recipes for copping limited-edition Nike sneakers from a proxy’s perspective.

Bright Data has one of the largest proxy pools with over 72 million IP addresses sourced via P2P through ethical means. In terms of location support, there is hardly any country not supported by Bright Data. The proxies are also undetectable and are almost always online making them useful for critical applications like sneaker copping.

4. SimplyNode

  • IP Pool Size: Over 50 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 1GB
  • Cost: Starts at $6 for 1GB

SimplyNode Homepage

One of the use cases of the residential proxy offered by SimplyNode is sneaker copping and Nike is one of the supported sneaker platforms. The service will route your sneaker copping requests via the devices of real Internet users in the Nike region you are interested in. This makes it difficult for the Nike anti-spam system to detect you are using a proxy. You need to use the sticky port option as the session needs to be maintained for a period to get this to work.

If you need to cop multiple pairs, you need to generate as many proxy endpoints as the number of pairs you want to cop and assign each proxy endpoint to a separate Nike account. With this setup, your chances of coping multiple pairs without getting blocked are high. The pricing for their proxies is charged based on bandwidth and starts from $6 per GB — bonus point, the bandwidth never expires too.

4. Proxy-IPv4

  • Locations: Over 14 countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $14 for 3 days per 1 proxy


Proxy-IPv4's mobile proxies are ideal for copping limited edition Nike sneakers. Offering both speedy data center proxies and undetectable mobile proxies – providing users with the best of both worlds! Covering over 14 locations worldwide for mobile proxies and over 20 for data center ones, Proxy-IPv4 provides reliable service with excellent uptime and competitive prices in popular regions worldwide.

5. Nimbleway

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: 50 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 75GB
  • Cost: Starts from $600 monthly for 75GB

Nimbleway Residential Proxy Page

Nimbleway is one provider I will recommend to you if you are a high-level sneaker marketer who needs to cope with a good number of pairs. Its starting price is $600, which will scare most retailers away. But if you cop multiple pairs from multiple sneaker sites, then you can purchase high-quality residential proxies from Nimble IP. This provider has a large proxy pool with millions of IP addresses. It supports all countries, and you can even use the state- and city-level geo-targeting feature for getting IPs from specific cities within the Nike regions.

One thing you will come to like is that the IPs provided are premium IPs — they are undetectable and are quite fast, thereby increasing your chances of destroying releases. If you are a business, you can get started without paying a dime, as the service offers 22GB free as a trial for new customers after they have undergone KYC.

6. Proxy-Cheap

  • IP Pool Size: Over 7 million IPs
  • Locations: Over 127 countries 
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $4.99 monthly for 1GB

Proxy-cheap residential proxies

Proxy-Cheap has proven to be one of the cheapest proxy providers in the market. Interestingly, they are not only cheap, but they are also one of the best-looking at their offering. Proxy-Cheap offers a residential proxy network with over 7 million IP addresses in its pool. In terms of location coverage, there are over 127 countries supported by Proxy-Cheap.

You can use their residential proxies as Nike Proxies because of their undetectable nature and the support of session IPs which can help you maintain a session for up to 30 minutes. The service also provides a proxy list generator which you can use to generate an unlimited number of proxy endpoints. Pricing for the service starts from $5 per GB and goes down to $3 per GB for bulk orders.

7. IPRoyal

  • Locations: 30+ worldwide
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited or per GB
  • Cost: Starts from $1 per proxy daily

IPRoyal Reviews

IPRoyal is a versatile proxy provider with a focus on sneaker proxies. Its dedicated sneaker proxies work on various sneaker websites and are compatible with most sneaker bots, including Nike bots. With 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited threads, you won’t end up empty-handed when copping the latest limited-edition Nike releases.

The provider offers millions of unique IP addresses from over 30 locations around the world, with daily and monthly plans available, starting at only $1 per proxy. While IPRoyal’s sneaker proxies are static, the provider also has rotating residential sneaker proxies for specific pools such as Nike, Zalando, and Courir. These, however, are a bit costlier, starting at $7 per GB, but they never expire and offer precise targeting.

8. Hydraproxy

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million IPs
  • Locations: Over 100 countries 
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $5 monthly for 1GB

Hydraproxy Residential Overview

Another provider of choice is the Hydraproxy service. This service can be likened to the Proxy-Cheap service in many ways. First, it is also a cheap provider with pricing that starts from $5 per GB. The proxies from this provider are some of the best for copping limited edition sneakers. One thing you will come to like about Hydraproxy is its unlimited access aside from its limited bandwidth.

With this, you can create as many threads as you want and each of these threads will get a different IP address. This coupled with its support for sticky IPs also known as session IPs makes it perfect for session management which is a requirement when copping. The service has a pool with over 5 million IP addresses. 

9. Oculus Proxies

  • Locations: United States Only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1TB
  • Cost: Starts from $48 for 30 IPs monthly

Oculus Proxies ISP Premium Proxy

The ISP premium proxies offered by Oculus Proxies are good for sneaker proxies. However, they are not really optimized for sneaker copping. If you need proxies for the Nike SNKRS platform, you should use their legacy website at

The service there is specifically optimized for SNKR but specifically for only US and UK SNKRS releases. The service has data centers in Ashburn, Virginia for US releases and London, for UK releases. The plan duration is flexible as you can purchase weekly proxies from them.

There is also the option for monthly, 2-month, and 3-month proxies. If you are interested in using their proxies for releases, you should purchase a plan ahead of time as the availability for purchase is unpredictable since they get sold out quickly because of how well-optimised they are for sneaker copping.

10. Stormproxies

  • Number of IP in Pool: Over 200k
  • Location: The United States and EU region
  • The concurrent connection allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $50 per month

nike proxies from stormproxies

Stormproxies have risen to become one of the most popular residential proxies in the form of backconnect proxies. Their bandwidth is unmetered, and you get instant access after payment. They have been discovered to be one of the fastest residential proxies, providing up to a speed of 1Gbps.

They sell only HTTP and HTTPS proxies, and as such, you have to make sure the Nike bot you intend to use these proxies on would have to be HTTP(S) based. If it’s not, Stormproxies isn’t the best for you.

11. Shifter

  • Number of IP in Pool: 31 million
  • Location: Worldwide
  • The concurrent connection allowed: Not stated
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $124.99 per month

microleaves for nike

Shifter has one of the largest networks of residential proxies in the industry. Their residential proxies have been tested on Nike sites, and they have proven to be one of the best residential proxies you can ever use to cop high on-demand, limited edition sneakers from Nike sites.

These residential proxies are known as backconnect proxies and are rotated every 10 minutes; this makes it difficult for Nike anti-spam systems to detect and block them. With these proxies, you’re guaranteed uptime of about 99.9 percent and a speed of about 1Gbps.

12. ProxyEmpire

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5  million IPs
  • Locations: Over 170 countries 
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 3GB
  • Cost: Starts from $40 monthly for 3GB review

ProxyEmpire is a residential proxy service with proxies you can use as Nike Proxies. The proxies are undetectable as they make use of devices of real Internet users which makes them difficult to detect. The service maintains a P2P network with over 5 million devices in it which is opened to you as a subscriber. The proxies are rotating proxies that change IPs randomly.

However, it does have support for session proxies that maintain the same IP address for up to 30 minutes. The proxies are clean and can be used for a good number of tasks including sneaker copping, web scraping, and account management. The service has got a Pay-As-You-Go payment plan that allows you to purchase proxies per GB at a price of $15.

13. NetNut


  • IP Pool Size: Over 52M+ IPs
  • Locations: All countries and major cities around the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 20GB
  • Cost: Starts from $300 monthly for 20GB

NetNut residential proxies

Look no further than NetNut – the game-changing residential proxies designed specifically to beat the most stubborn Nike copping bots! With NetNut's impressive features and capabilities, you'll never miss a chance to cop your favorite Nick kicks again!

NetNut boasts an extensive pool of over 52 million residential IPs from cities all around the globe. This vast IP pool ensures that you have a wide range of options and locations to choose from, giving you an edge in copping Nike sneakers no matter where you are located in the world.

NetNut's residential proxies are powered by a unique architecture that guarantees lightning-fast proxy speeds. With its one-hop ISP connectivity, you’re guaranteed seamless and quick connections, putting you ahead of the competition and enabling you to cop sneakers from Nike Sites with ease.

You don’t have to worry about getting limited or interrupted by Nike bots. Unlike your typical SOCKS proxies, NetNut's static residential proxies come with the full advantage of residential IPs. This means that you can access the internet like any regular person on the streets. This means bots see your IP as just another sneaker enthusiast living in the U.S., the UK, Canada, or Europe. If you don't want to risk getting blocked, investing in a service like NetNut is the right way to go.

NetNut understands that every user has different data requirements. That's why they offer flexible bandwidth plans starting from 20GB at an affordable monthly price. This makes businesses and companies in fast-moving industries like the IT service industries stay ahead of the competition. 

14. Geosurf

Geosurf was initially developed for web scraping by web scraping experts. However, it does not only do good in web scraping but in other aspects with Nike sites anti-spam evasion as one of them.

geosurf for sneaker sites

They are undetectable and can easily be integrated into any Nike bot of your choice. It is important to state here that it has proxies in almost countries, but it is highly-priced. And that might discourage a lot of sneakerheads who are out to make the maximum profit they can.

  • Number of IP in Pool: 2.5 million
  • Location: Worldwide
  • The concurrent connection allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Starts at 38GB
  • Cost: Starts at $450 per month


The proxies discussed above are not just random – they have been battle-tested and as such, you do not have to fear about getting your accounts banned or being denied access as far as you follow the best practices for copping Nike sneakers using Nike proxies and bots. You can choose any of the residential proxies discussed above, and you will have a hassle-free experience copping from Nike sites.


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