5 Ways to Use Proxies for Pokemon Go Hacking

Way of Pokemon Haking

Pokemon Go is perhaps the most talked-about app (or video game) ever released. That’s debatable and I have no proof, but if social feeds, major news outlets, and estimated downloads are any indicator, the game about catching imaginary creatures is as massive as anything we’ve seen.

This is good news for almost everyone – kids are happy, parents are stoked, millennial are blessed out on nostalgia straight from the tap, and everybody is spending more time outside, getting their daily dose of exercise.

I’ll omit the accidents and deaths that have come from the app, because this isn’t the forum for those things. I’ll also omit the fact that imaginary creatures are still imaginary, and don’t make up for interacting with things like trees and water.

The point is that this thing is popular. Like all extremely popular phenomena, an underworld has cropped up around Pokemon Go.

This underworld involves proxies and even more fake imaginary creatures.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go and want some special in-game powers, read below.

But first, a word from your conscience.

Obligatory Disclaimer

However, it’s important to state very clearly that the five methods I outline below are not condoned or allowed by Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go. That’s because Niantic doesn’t want you meddling with their well-defined rules. It doesn’t want you playing from incorrect locations, creating creatures, fooling the masses, or hacking any other part of the game.

You’ve got to remember that your competition, for the most part, is children. The why of the hacking is up to you, but the fact that you’re hacking is going to be looked down upon by many casual users.

Likewise, if you’re ever found out to be hacking your account will be deleted and your Pokemon will be vaporized. All record of your sort of hard work will no longer exist, and you may have issues creating new accounts, especially if you started your account with your actual Gmail address. That includes permanent bans for cheaters.

The good news is that if you’re already a hacker prone to proxy use and thwarting the “man”, this comes as no surprise.

Carry on.

Use Proxies for Pokemon Go Hacking

Alright, yes, the aforementioned cheating will be illuminated below. For the most part proxies are the gateway to each of these techniques, rather than the method in and of itself.

That is often the case with proxies. They eternally live up to their name – not actually being anything other than a mirror of reality.

That’s true for four of the methods below. I’ll get into the first and only technology that uses proxies in their actual essence, rather than as a tool to get something else done.


Why use a proxy with pokemon go? Here is 5 Ways to Use Proxies for Pokemon Go or pokemon go bot for Hacking!

1. Change Your Geolocation

Way of Change Your Geolocation

This aspect of proxies is true for Pokemon Go, just as it’s true for every other kind of proxy hacking process.

Proxies are built to stand in for your IP address. IP addresses are very similar to your physical address in the sense that they’re unique to you and based in the real, physical world.

If you have an internet connection, you have an IP address. This IP is given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and, beyond being a long number, carries geographical data with it.

Go to WhatIsMyIP.com and, unless you’re already running a proxy or VPN, you’ll see your ISP IP and where you are located.

This may seem sketchy to you – if it doesn’t, you’re very new to proxies.

Most people in the proxy world hate the fact that their physical location can be discovered by their IP address.

It’s actually the reason most people get a proxy. At its most basic, a proxy is another IP address, located somewhere else, that masks your actual IP address, and therefore your geolocation.

You can purchase proxies that are located in specific countries so that, when enabled, it appears you’re browsing from that country.

Why Geolocation Matters in Pokemon Go

The connection here is pretty obvious – Pokemon Go is entirely based on your physical location. It’s an augmented reality game that mostly consists of an interactive map you engage with that reflects your local surroundings.

That burger joint you love might be a Pokemon Gym, your street might be full of Rattata, and the center of town is literally stuffed of children playing Pokemon Go.

The whole concept of the game is about interacting with your actual physical surroundings. The game determines this information by looking at your IP address and using your smartphone’s GPS signal.

That said, there are plenty of countries where Pokemon Go is not allowed, either because it has not been released, or is banned. If you’re in those countries, proxies allow you to play anyway.

Use a proxy when creating your Pokemon Go account and logging in, and watch as it tricks Niantic’s servers into thinking you are from the country where your IP is located.

You just need to purchase a private proxy from a country that does have the game – like the U.S. – plug-in the proxy settings to your mobile device, and download the app. Niantic will believe you’re in the U.S., and you’ll be able to get the game and login no problem.

Bare Countries and Geolocation Spoofing

The major wrinkle in this plan is that some places that have banned Pokemon Go, or places where Niantic has not put in any Pokemon, are completely bare.

While the proxy makes the game work for you, your phone will still send a GPS signal that shows where your actual location is, not your proxy location. Walking the streets of Iran, where Pokemon Go is banned, will probably not have any Pokemon.

If that’s your case it’s a bit harder to play the game – you can’t catch any of ’em, let alone all of ’em. You’ll want to research geolocation spoofing to combat this, specifically apps that allow you to adjust your smartphone map’s settings. This is possible for Android, but more difficult for iOS.

If you can get it to work, there’s another benefit to geolocation spoofing. Even if your country does allow Pokemon Go and has plenty of them, you can use geolocation spoofing to travel to new places without ever actually going there.

Pokemon Go has different Pokemon in different physical locations, so if you can trick your phone into “being” in those locations, you’ll find a lot more Pokemon.

This won’t always work perfectly, and it goes without saying that if you get caught geolocation spoofing by Niantic, you’ll get banned right away. Not to mention what your country may do if it catches you…

2. Walk a Thousand Miles, Hatch Eggs like a Chicken

Proxies as a source of protection

The next proxy hack for Pokemon Go uses proxies as a source of protection, rather than a process in and of itself.

You see, using proxies not only has the ability to change your geolocation, but it provides a much higher degree of anonymity. Most people use proxies for just this reason – they don’t want their actual location broadcast around the internet.

As such, using a proxy is how most internet-savvy individuals operate. “Most” is not the term for hackers – all hackers use proxies. There’s no way to protect yourself otherwise.

As such, this step uses proxies for protection and anonymity.

Hatch ‘Em All

Assuming you have some proxies to use, you’ll now need to get another service. Typically called a “bot”, this service was created by coders to help you tweak the system.

In this case, the bot will allow you to walk many miles in Pokemon Go without lifting a foot. The how of this is complicated and code-heavy, but the why of it should be clear.

The eggs you collect in Pokemon Go require a great deal of physical walking to hatch, and this is a way to get new Pokemon, not in your general location.

Instead of going on a hike every day, people use bots to simulate walking so that, upon opening your game each evening, you’ll have a bunch of eggs ready to hatch, saving you all the precious time that it takes to walk around.

Until it got shut down, NecroBot was the most popular Pokemon Go bot around. You can continue checking out the GitHub to see if it gets reinstated, or look around for more bots.

3. Collect at Work (or Anywhere)

You’ll begin to see that bots can be programmed to do pretty much anything a human might do. The key to tricking Niantic is the coding must be good enough that it looks like a human is doing it.

The most straightforward way to hack Pokemon Go with a proxy? Get a bot to do all your Pokemon collecting for you.

Yes, that’s right, sign up with a bot like Insta-PokeGo, login to your Go account, and wait for it to do its dirty work.

The bot will capture Pokemon for you, including traveling to new locations in order to collect rare Pokemon. Not only will it do this fairly flawlessly (until it gets shut down, because it will), but you don’t need to use your phone for it. Just go to the website, login, and the next time you check your phone your in-game collection will be massively improved.

If that sounds a little ridiculous and unfair, welcome to the world of proxies and hacking. This is how you can get a leg up on all those kids with all their free time.

4. Level Up!

Letting You return a glorified Pokemon Go

Following on the hot-heels-bot of the above example, you will also automatically get experience whenever you use a bot to play the game for you.

Each time the bot catches new Pokemon, visits new places or stops in at a shop you’ll gain the normal experience you would if you were playing the game yourself.

Some people might find this to detract from the game itself – I mean, what’s the point if you’re not playing?

To those people, I would remind them of the gamer’s obsession with being high level, and of games that are created to be more fun for players at a higher level.

For instance, you have to reach level five before you can even battle at a gym. You have to be a much higher level to catch interesting Pokemon, and to look like a boss in the Pokemon Go world.

A bot allows you to do this, playing the game while you work and sleep and eat, letting you return a glorified Pokemon Go hero.

Surely at some point you’ll turn it off and destroy your enemies with ease, catch the hardest Pokemon immediately, and revel in the awesomeness. That’s what you want, right?

5. Create Your Own World

Create Your Own World

For some people, playing in the world of Pokemon Go is way too cliche. You have to deal with everybody else snatching up your Pokemon, you have to abide by the laws Niantic has created, and you don’t get to rule your own imaginary landscape.

That changes with Pokemon Go MITM Proxy. This combination of a bot and proxy service allows you to take all the data transmitted by Niantic to your phone – the world of Pokemon Go – and alter it in your own server.

You don’t get to play with other people or alter anything on Niantic’s “official” side of things, but you can have an entire world of Pokemon to yourself.

This includes catching Pokemon that aren’t yet available in the real Pokemon Go, like Mewtwo, Ditto, and certain rare birds.

It also means you can easily and automatically max out HP and other stats for every single one of your Pokemon.

A Fake “Real” World

With the above software, you can also choose to continue playing in the collective Pokemon Go world, but transpose new skins over Pokemon you collect, making it look like you have caught a rare Pokemon, while in fact you just stumbled on another Diglet.

If you’re a trickster who needs to show people you have things that can’t exist (and then claim they do), this is your kind of service.

Sorry, that header is a little mean. If you’re in a country that doesn’t have the app yet, the first step in this list is your golden ticket to playing before the game is released.

In basically every other scenario you’re going to be cheating, and cheating is what it is.

Make sure you always use elite private proxies when altering aspects Pokemon Go. These will ensure high speeds, true anonymity, and continued support while you (or the bot) plays.

Finally, remember that you can get banned. Check your Pokemon before you wreck them, alright?

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