How to Use Proxies to Create Bulk Social Accounts (2022 Updated)

Proxies to Create Bulk Social Accounts

No one would question that the popularity of the social media space is increasing every day. Data reveals that 58% of Americans use some sort of social network.

For content managers and SEO marketers, the challenge is to manage the massive amount of social media posts, advertising, and analytics. For example, signing into multiple social accounts is time-consuming and inefficient.

And signing in to several accounts on the same IP address on places like Facebook and Twitter is a high-risk behavior:

  • Your profile can be deleted if you have multiple accounts on the same IP address
  • You could be blocked by your internet service provider (ISP)
  • Your email messages are more likely to end up as “spam”

A Simple Solution

One answer to avoiding these hazards is to use a proxy server (or rather, many proxy servers). The purpose and usefulness of proxy servers have become a well-known internet tool. Using an intermediary between your computer and the “world-wide-web” is almost a necessary tool in today’s technology-driven world.

One word of caution…Every day, even every hour, new proxy servers pop-up and some last for only a few days. It is essential that you select a credible and legitimate proxy server that is interested in more than just making money and/or stealing your personal and business information.

public proxy lists

You will want to avoid redirecting your entire browsff ng activity through unknown proxy servers, especially if you are using passwords. Follow these simple tips to keep yourself and your technology gadgets safe:

  • Check the age of the domain. Before browsing with a web proxy site, go to, enter the domain name there and see when it was created. If it was created less than two years ago, you may want to be leery of using it. The older the domains and websites are the better.
  • Privacy. Assure that the proxy server is private to only your IP. If it is not exclusive, it will cause issues down the line.
  • Check the Disclaimer or Terms of Service.
  • Proxy URLs that are reliable sites either provide easy access to a disclaimer and/or terms of service. The best also make their privacy policy available.

Public vs Private Proxy Servers

Public proxy servers also referred to as “free proxies,” look appealing and are tempting. But beware! These free anonymous proxy servers rarely provide a guarantee of privacy protection.

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In fact, often the true owners of the listed free proxies do not know they are open to anybody else.

Public vs Private Proxy Servers

There are hundreds of lists available at no charge, but for the most part, the proxy servers itemized aren’t anonymous and are slow and unreliable. Free proxy servers often open up your computer to a host of risks and operation issues.

  • Most free proxies rarely work well and many “die” after just a short period of time
  • The majority are undependable…they work today and then don’t work the next time you want to use them
  • When they do work, they are very slow and cause more frustration than satisfaction
  • Public or free proxies often put computers, networks, and data at a huge security risk
  • The vast majority (if not all) publicly available free Proxy Servers expose your data to hackers and malicious activities
  • Public Proxy Servers expose your data to unscrupulous cyber villains who are looking to obtain and sell your private information

Therefore, it makes sense to purchase private proxies to create and access several social media accounts for your marketing needs. It is one of the simplest ways to promote your products efficiently on a variety of social media accounts.

Dedicated Proxies

As part of any social media marketing plan, dedicated proxies are considered a necessity.

These private proxies allow a business to:

  • Be 100% anonymity
  • Operate fast, reliably and efficiently
  • Have the ability to engage in internet social media sites worldwide
  • Reach the target segment effectively
  • Avoid threats of becoming blocked
  • Create multiple accounts while marketing

Dedicated proxies provide the ability to comment, post, tweet and maximize the benefits of social media marketing. Utilizing a dedicated proxy server opens the door to creating numerous accounts in social media marketing without the hassle of the website being blocked.

The countless benefits of engaging in multiple private proxies in various social media sites are clear and provide a simple method to maximize your time and productivity.

Analyzing Consumer Behavior

Analysis of your social media visitors is essential to track the success of marketing programs, promotions and posts.

Private proxies are also beneficial in allowing a business to gather social media intelligence and gauge what target demographic users saying about the products or services of a company.

Choosing Your Software & Tool

Too many marketers are still unaware that they can manage all their social media accounts from a single dashboard.

The tedious task of logging in to each and every individual network to compose new posts, check the activities of followers, respond to conversations and requests is time consuming and no longer necessary with the unique software offerings available.

It's named as massplaner before, This software is exactly what its name sounds like.

It provides automation for a mass of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Jarvee delivers multiple benefits in a variety of price ranges starting at $9.95:

  • Schedules all social media updates for future publishing
  • Automatically finds new Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups in your niche to help extend your audience and attract new customers
  • Delivers unique content that can be automatically shared with the groups belong to which is a guaranteed way to increase interaction and engagement to your posts
  • Find and automatically follow Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram accounts with Jarvee based on keywords for your niche


Part of the TWT Dominator family for Twitter, AccountsDominator addresses the needs of individuals or organizations to create multiple emails and social media accounts with minimal effort.

Accounts Dominator

AccountsDominator even supports Pinterest and LinkedIn through its dynamic user interface.


Since its beginning in 2010, Buffer has provided management for several social media profiles from one central place. This software helps manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Those who use Buffer rave about its simple, clean, and intuitive tool as an easy-to-use program. Buffer allows you to:

  • Log in just once to manage everything across social media platforms
  • Perform multiple actions in the same area (sharing, scheduling, analyzing)

Facebook – Leader of the Pack

These days, most businesses have gotten the message loud and clear that they need a presence on Facebook. In June 2019, there were 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook.

The effect of Facebook on e-commerce is undisputable…some estimates suggest that 51% of people are more likely to make a purchase after “liking” a brand on Facebook.

It is a well-known fact Facebook’s rules and standards ban having more than one personal account. If they find out you have two (or more) personal accounts, they’ll shut them down without a second thought. Remember, Facebook profiles are meant for people, while Facebook Pages are meant for businesses.

For business, Facebook offers “Business Manager.” It allows organizations to securely share and control access to their Pages, ad accounts and other assets on Facebook. Anyone in a company can see all of the Pages and ad accounts they work on in one place. However, they do not share without login information or become connected to their coworkers on Facebook.

Regardless you’ll want to take steps to avoid being kicked off this social media site. Whatever type of account you open on Facebook, be sure to complete all the fields properly, add profile data and upload cover pictures.

Face Dominator assist in their Facebook social media plans

Many users turn to Face Dominator to assist in their Facebook social media plans. FaceDominator is a popular tool to help support the managing and automation of Facebook. In fact, you can choose from several free tools that are available from FaceDominator to run your marketing strategy efficiently and effectively on Facebook.

FaceDominator’s program provides for:

  • Creating unlimited reports
  • Adding multiple friends
  • Managing fan pages
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Frequently updates to keep up with the demands of social media
  • …and most importantly, FaceDominator can create an unlimited variety of accounts on

All this for the affordable price of $4.99 per month.


This 140 character limit social media phenomenon now 130+ million daily users that send 58 million tweets daily. The term “tweet” is now common usage in our everyday vernacular.

Twitter marketing software is readily available and can be a powerful tool to save time and maximize your exposure on Twitter. The majority of these programs offer several benefits:

  • Automatically follows users that are in looking for your products and services
  • Automatically follows the “followers” of users who are already popular in your niche
  • Protects your account from getting banned
  • Ignores users with no pictures and who tweet links in order to minimize following spammers
  • Uses an unlimited number of accounts
  • Post and schedule thousands of tweets
  • Automatically follow users with the same interest
  • Includes anti-spam filtering

Twitter can be a challenge to manage and to develop compelling 140-word content.

Many believe it is the ultimate Twitter tool

Recently, Tweet Demon burst onto the scene and many believe it is the ultimate Twitter tool.

Reviews of Tweet Demon tout its highly effective features including:

  • Ability to target customers easily and effectively with user-friendly interface automation
  • Multi-account management that allows you to add unlimited accounts
  • Support Proxies: User/Pass Authentication, IP authentication
  • Built-in proxy checker
  • Follow people from lists and searches
  • “Unfollows” users who have not followed you back within a given time frame
  • Send mass message to your followers all at once or to a selected number of followers
  • Post tweets, post images from multi accounts.
  • Advanced scraping
  • Take a keyword phrase “finds’ people that are talking about that keyword phrase and reply
    to them

You might also consider TWTDominator for managing multiple Twitter accounts.

TWTDominator has extremely useful benefits:

  • Manage multiple twitter accounts
  • Enhance your following and follower list
  • Optimized management of tweets, retweets, and replies
  • Follows your all followers in a single click
  • Automate your twitter activity using the Campaign Manager tool
  • Filter your users based on tweets, followers, and location
  • Easily change twitter registered email ID, password, screen name
  • Compatible with any HTTP proxies, but private proxy recommended


There are such things as “Instagram Proxies.” These are dedicated IPs exclusively for Instagram. Who would have guessed?

As marketers, there may be occasions where you have to create more than one account in Instagram to boost your product or brand. If you do this from the same computer, the program can track the address and identify that it is a fake account.

To avoid this, you need dedicated Instagram proxies which will help you to create multiple accounts and handle them from a single computer.

Instagram Automation

Most people who post images and videos about their products on Instagram would like to get the maximum exposure for their posts. But unless you are Coca-Cola or Selena Gomez, this presents a monumental challenge.

When people initially open an Instagram account, they often create “fake followers” via their dedicated proxies. However, you have to be careful while selecting proxies. There are many resources on the internet which provide these types of proxies, but you should beware that Instagram also has a banned list of some of these proxies.

If you happen to use any of those, your account is likely to get banned. To avoid this, you have to be very careful while downloading the proxies from the internet.

Private proxies are the only safe bet.

Avoiding Bans

Social media analysts believe 95% of the time a social media account is banned from Facebook is due to people in the groups you posted decide to mark your entry as spam. To avoid bans on your social media accounts, follow some simple steps:

  • Do not post to hundreds of groups per day and do nothing else on the account. Instead, take a variety of actions on your account
  • Make friends…just like in real life, a person (or social media account) with no followers or no friends looks suspicious
  • Grow slowly over a period of time. For example, if you have never posted on a group but then you join 50 groups in one day, this will be considered strange behavior. Specifically for Instagram, start with posting your own photos, at least 10 of them over the period of several days….not too many at one time. If you post too many entries too quickly on an account, some sites will assume you opened your account for spam. Many social media sites, including Facebook, permit only a low number of spam reports required before they penalize an account
  • Many social media sites give more leeway to accounts who have been around for a while and not just opened
  • Verifying the accounts with a phone number allows the account to appear more legitimate
  • Always fill out your profile completely, including uploading your profile photo and writing a short bio if the social media site requests this information

Post regularly. For most sites, twice a week is enough if you can’t do daily posts.

In Conclusion

According to Brand Watch, 38% of organizations plan to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels in 2015, up from 13% a year ago. As social media presence grows and businesses examine how to get the most out of their social media plans, it is clear that each organization will be considering multiple accounts.

The question is, which software will you use, and how will you choose your proxy source?

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