Proxy-IPV4 Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Are you looking to purchase proxies from the Proxy-IPV4 Service, and you are looking for a host review of the service? Then you are on the right page as the article below provides a review of Proxy-IPV4, including the pros and cons.


Proxy-IPV4 Review

If you have been in the proxy market for a while, you will agree to the fact that it can be difficult keeping a tab on all of the proxy providers out there — especially the private proxy services. This means a good number of them making unsubstantiated claims that gullible people might fall for. It is for that reason that I took it upon myself to review most of these providers.

In this article, my focus will be on the Proxy-IPV4 service. I will provide you with an honest review of the service, looking at its performance, location coverage, pricing, use cases, customer support, and many more.

An Overview of Proxy-IPV4 Service

Overview of Proxy-IPV4 Service

From the name of this service, you will suspect it only offers IPV4 proxies. However, it offers much more than private IPV4 proxies. It is a provider of private IPv4 and IPv6 proxies as well as mobile LTE Proxies. The service has got its eyes on supporting as many locations as possible, and looking at the location requirement for the kind of proxies it offers, I would say this is a plus for it. It might interest you to know that the service has got a flexible pricing system, making it possible for you to pay for just the proxies you need and nothing more.

The service does have IPs from multiple subnets, and if you purchase a package, you are given IPs across subnets to protect you from a subnet ban. It does support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS and can be said to be quite fast based on the speed I recorded while testing out the performance of this service.

However, it is not the best for all usage, as I have run into some issues trying to use them on some sites. In the end, no provider is good all through — you just have to look at the pros and cons and see which is more important to you and which you can overlook. I will be discussing both the pros and cons of Proxy-IPV4 service in this article.

Parameters Features
IP Type Datacenter  IPs
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample $3 per GB
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) and SOCKS
Authentication Username and password
IP Locations Over 20 locations
Instagram Compatibility No
Sneaker Compatibility Yes
Speed Fast
Support Fast -live chat available
Refund Policy Not available
IP Replacement Yes
P2P/Torrenting No
Jurisdiction Russia

Pros of Proxy-IPV4 Proxy Service

If you take a look at the website of this service, you will see a section for review and testimonials, with a good number of people saying what they like about the proxies. This is to tell you Proxy-IPV4 does have its strengths, otherwise known as pros. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

  • Offer Proxies in a Range of Proxy Markets

The first thing you will notice about this service is that; it is different from what its name portrays. The name of the service carries IPV4 in it. This scopes it a little, making one feels it is just a service for datacenter IPv4 proxies. The reality is quite different. This service does have support for IPv6 proxies, too, and also does provide mobile proxies. If you ask me, I will say the addition of IPv6 proxies and mobile proxies to the list of services offered by Proxy-IPV4 is an afterthought.

proxy-ipv4 Proxy Markets

However, the good thing about this is, I have tested all of the 3 types of proxies offered by the service, and they work perfectly for the tasks they are meant for. With this service, you will not have to keep an inventory of 3 services if you are the type that uses proxies across the different proxy markets.

  • Good Location Coverage

One thing that is difficult for datacenter and static mobile proxy providers is supporting multiple locations. This is because of the data center requirement in locations you want to support or a credible and reliable partner in such locations.

For this, the Porxy-IPV4 service has been able to crack this, supporting a good number of locations for the proxies it offers. Compared to all of the proxy types it offers, it has the best location support for its private IPv4 proxies. And I will say its location support for this is also one of the best in the market at large.

Porxy-IPV4 Location Coverage

This provider has got support for 20 countries around the world which you can get dedicated IPs from. The countries cut across South America, Europe, and Asia. For it IPv6 proxies, there are only 7 countries on the list of supported regions which you will have to choose from at the time of purchase. The Proxy-IPV4 service has got one of the best ovation support for mobile proxies.

Currently, it does have 14 counties in the list of countries it supports. Please, do note that you can’t switch between locations for this kind of service. You will have to choose the location at the time of purchase, as the location even influences the pricing in most cases.

  • Acceptable Proxy Speed Performance

In most cases, proxies will slow you down. But that is not an issue, as you should be ready to compromise a little on speed for the anonymity it provides. However, the major problem lies in whether the reduction is so noticeable that your project becomes considerably slow.

For private datacenter proxies, this can’t be forgiven, as a good private proxy is expected to be fast. I want to check how fast the Proxy-IPV4 service is to check whether they are fast enough for our usage or not.

In measuring the performance, I will use the tool. I will measure the speed without proxies installed and then with proxies so I can have a reasonable benchmark. Below is the result of the speed test without using their proxies.

Porxy-IPV4 Proxy Speed Performance without using their proxies

As you can see above, I got a download speed of 9.45 Mbps, an upload speed of 9.50 Mbps, and a ping rate of 76 ms. You will agree with me that my Internet speed is already slow. However, it can still be used as a benchmark to see how considerably lower your speed will go if you make use of this proxy. Below is the result I got with the proxies configured.

Porxy-IPV4 Proxy Speed Performance with the proxies configured

Surprisingly, the performance data for Proxy-IPv4 proxies surpassed the result I got when I didn’t configure proxies. This shows the Proxy-IPV4 service to be quite fast. Later on, I will carry out this performance test on a VPS to get the true value. But for now, you can see that this proxy is one of the fastest you can get out there. I did try browsing with it manually, and the speed was also swift, conforming with the speed measurement recorded.

  • Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Pricing is quite an important factor in deciding a provider to use. The Proxy-IPV4 service has developed its pricing system to be affordable and flexible. If you visit the Proxy-IPV4 website, you will see its easy-to-use pricing system. It does not provide you with package plans that will force you to purchase the proxies you don’t need. You’re given the opportunity to choose the number of IPs, the location, and the duration. The duration supported starts from 3 days to 90 days. Generally, the more proxies or duration you pay for, the cheaper the price per proxy monthly becomes. Let’s take a look at the pricing for their private IPv4 proxies as a case study.

Porxy-IPV4 Pricing

Take, for instance, one proxy for a month is $1.80. this is considered affordable already. Only a few providers, such as InstantProxies, beat this price. However, if you purchase 10 proxies, the price per proxy will be $1.26 monthly. For those that need their proxies in bulk enough to purchase 500 proxies, you will be purchasing each for $0.99 monthly. The payment method is smooth as the service does support multiple payment methods ranging from cards. PayPal and cryptocurrency.

  • Easy to Use

One of the areas I will give it all to the team at Proxy-IPv4 service is in the area of ease of use. The service is quite modest, without including features you will not need. The User Interface is intuitive and easy to use. All of the steps, from purchasing proxies from the service to getting the proxy details, are quite easy. This provider is one of the providers out there that you aren’t even allowed to create an account without purchasing proxies. This means only their customers (both current and former) have an account with them. This then ensures they give more priority to their customers in terms of customer support.

Porxy-IPV4 ease of use

The service does offer multiple payment methods for you to choose from. And when you purchase the proxies successfully, you can’t only access them from the user dashboard; the proxies are duplicated and sent to your email address. This means you are not forced to log into their user dashboard in other to make use of their proxies. You can simply get the proxy details from an email sent to you.

Porxy-IPV4 dashboard

But the user dashboard is quite helpful too. You can use it to whitelist your IPs for IP authentication, download your proxies in requirement formats, purchase new proxies, and check when your proxies will expire, among others.

  • Friendly and Helpful Customer Support

I have used a good number of customer support teams in the proxy market in the past — most of which was done to test out their responsiveness, helpfulness, and friendliness. I must say the team at Proxy-IPV4 service is one of the best. The service does provide a live chat support feature which, to me, is a plus. And this even makes it easier for me as I can get the details I need in real-time. I engaged the service and got an agent known as Ben assigned to me within 2 minutes.

Porxy-IPV4 Customer Support

Throughout the 9-minute period, I had a discussion with the agent; the agent portrayed a high-level understanding of proxies and the market in general. He was responsive, polite, and helpful. For this reason, if I were to rate them over 10, then they would get 8/10 from me. Interestingly, live chat is not the only method of contacting them. In fact, it is important you know that you will not always get them online. If there is no customer support online, you can make use of other channels such as Telegram, email, and social media channels.

Cons of Proxy-IP-V4

With the above, you can tell this provider is one that will be loved by many. However, this does not mean you should immediately go ahead and start using it. It does have issues you also have to be aware of. Some of these will be discussed below in this con section.

  • No Free Trial and Friendly Refund Policy

If you are the type that likes to use the free trial of a proxy before deciding to purchase their paid proxies, then I have bad news for you — there is no free trial. The Proxy-IPv4 service is not eager to register users — it does not need non-paying customers. In fact, before you register an account, you are required to have purchased proxies from them. This helps them keep non-paying customers from their list. However, this is bad for you as you might have a genuine interest in their proxies but need to test it out first. My only recommendation here is that you should speak to their customer agent and convince them. They might consider and provide you a trial proxy.

When it comes to their refund policy, I can say they are being clever by half. Unlike other services that will give you a money-back guarantee within a specific period of time, there is nothing like that for this service. In fact, there is no refund policy statement on their pages except on their return page. And on this page, it is stated that there must be a strong reason before you can get a refund. In most cases, except if the problem is from their end, you can’t get a refund. With this, I recommend you purchase just one proxy and test it out before buying the number of IPs you need.

  • Proxies Not Good for All the Use Cases Mentioned

One other area I do have a problem with this service is that they listed a good number of tasks you can use their proxies for — and newbies will fall for that. According to the information on their page, you can use their private datacenter proxies for social media marketing, SEO activities, botting, and other actives on sites like Gambling, Ecommerce, and many more. The reality is different from this. Yes, the IPs have low spam scores, which makes them usable on many sites on the Internet.

Porxy-IPV4 low spam scores

However, there are some tasks I wouldn’t recommend datacenter proxies for, and their own are not an exception. While their proxies can be used on social media sites, I recommend you don’t use them on TikTok and Instagram, as you will be detected and blocked within a short period of time. They can be used on Google for light tasks. But when heavy tasks is involved, then you are better off using residential proxies. For botting, I recommend you make use of rotating residential proxies, as they are more suited for that because of their IP rotating capabilities.

Verdict: Do I recommend Proxy-IPV4 Service?

The Proxy-IPV4 service can, at best, be described as a regular proxy service. Nothing fancy or unique about its offering, but it works — and that is what is required. As with all providers in the market, it does have its pros and cons. However, if you read the review above, you will notice the pros outweighs the cons. For this reason, I recommend the Proxy-IPV4 service. It is important, though, that you take a look at the cons section — especially the one that discusses the proxies not meant for all use cases.

You should only use their proxies for tasks so you can maintain the same IP address for long such as account (multiple) management, gaming, streaming, and the like. For tasks that require rotating IPs, I recommend Smartproxy as it offers rotating proxies I have used and trust.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9.3/10
  • Speed - 9.6/10
  • Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 9/10

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