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Are you interested in using the proxy API provided by Scraper API? Before doing that, I will advise you to read our review and know both the pros and cons of Scraper API before making a buying decision.

Scraper API Review Proxies are quite helpful for unblocking IP-based restrictions and unlocking geo-targeted content in web scraping. However, depending on the target site and technicalities in a project, handling proxies can be difficult; aside from managing the proxies, you will also deal with other technicalities, including Captcha solving, JavaScript rendering, and other anti-bot systems.

If you are not experienced in these or want to avoid inventing the wheel in other to save time and improve your workflow, then making use of a proxy API is the best option, and Scraper API is regarded as one of the best proxy API.

In this article, we would be providing you an honest review of Scraper API. You will discover all of the features that would make you want to make use of their proxy API and also the not-so-good aspects you need to know. The review will be divided into two parts – Scraper API pros and Scraper API cons. Before going into that proper, we would be discussing an overview of Scraper API.

Scraper API Overview

Scraper API is a proxy API that makes proxy usage easy without making it look like you are making use of a proxy. This service will not only provide you proxies, but it will also help you avoid and evade Captcha and help facilitate JavaScript rendering.

With the help of Scraper API, you will not have to worry about fetching web pages, as the Scraper API does that for you. This means that you will not have to worry about proxies, Captcha, browsers, and anti-bot systems. All you have to worry about is the data processing tasks starting from parsing data from the downloaded web pages.

Scraperapi Homepage Overview

All that’s required from you is to send a simple API request. This service has a large pool of IP addresses and locations supported that your requests can be routed through. The service pricing model is based on successful API requests, and you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage. Also important is the fact that their service is fast and reliable, built to scale, quite easy to use, and provides support for customization. These are just a few of some of its amazing features. Likewise, it has some downsides, and all of these would be discussed.

Parameters Features
IP Type Residential IPs
Priced Charged Number of API Calls
Price Sample $29 for 250,000 API Calls
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S), SOCKS
Authentication API key
IP Locations 50+ locations
Instagram Compatibility Yes
Sneaker Compatibility No
Speed Good
Support Email
Refund Policy Refundable
IP Replacement Yes
P2p/Torrenting Not Allowed
Jurisdiction Location United States


Scraper API Pros

NO doubt, Scraper API has some features that would make you want to use their service. It might interest you to know that they are not just used by small developers but also big businesses, including Amazon, Legalzoom, and Systemtec.

Large Proxy Pool and Good Location Support

At the most basic level, Scraper API makes use of proxies to help route requests through and avoid IP-based restrictions. How big is their proxy pool, and why should that matter to you? One thing you will come to understand about proxy services is that there is no way you can actually determine the number of IP addresses they have in their proxy pool. You will have to believe what they tell you, and that is why you have to stick to a provider with Integrity. Scraper API has many big businesses as customers and has proven to be a provider you can trust.

Scraperapi Location

According to the information provided on their website, they have got over 40 million IPs around the world, making it have one of the largest proxy pools in the market. One thing we know for sure is that any provider with an IP pool this large relies on P2P to get the IP address. what we do not know is if they own the proxy network or they are using IPs from the pool of other providers.

The IP addresses they offer are residential IP addresses and are gotten from over 50 locations around the world. For the locations supported, you can choose to use IPs from such locations in other to access geo-targeted content.

Excellent Customization Options

Some proxy APIs are rigid when it comes to allowing you to configure requests. While some may believe they do know how to avoid bots, or they do not want you to ruin your project, Scraper API is not like that. No doubt, Scraper API has default configurations that will save you time and works. However, you are not restricted to them.

You have options you can choose from and can determine how your requests should be sent. But what are the customizable options available to you? Scraper API allows you the option of choosing between rotating proxies and sticky proxies, and that’s not all.

Excellent Customization Options

You can choose the geolocation associated with your requests, have the option of customizing the request headers, decide whether you want JavaScript rendered or not, even have the option to choose the parse data from popular websites. With Scraper API, it does not feel like you will be losing your power because you want to avoid the headaches of anti-bot systems – you still have much of those powers available to you via the customizable options.

Beginner Friendly Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Scraper API is aware that not all users are ready to risk their hard-earned money to pay for a service that they are not sure works until they are certain they will get their money back if things did not work out as promised. For this reason, they keep you protected.

Scraper API provides its user with a free trial option. Even without making payment, they provide you 5000 requests to use within 7 days for free, after which you are expected to upgrade to a paid plan or your access is cut off. In the past, they provide you 1000 free requests, but now, it is more.

Beginner Friendly Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Not only do they provide you a free trial, but you also have the option of getting your money back within 7 days if their service does not work for you. While it is possible for you to ask for a refund, you need to think of the ethical and moral aspects. They spend money putting up the service, and as such, claiming a refund when you actually use the service is fraudulent. Go for their smaller plans if you know you would not need the service for long instead of asking for a refund when you have used the service.

Easy to Use with Both API Mode and Proxy Mode Supported

The Scraper API service has been designed to be beginner-friendly. The dashboard is minimalistic and simple, making it easy for you to navigate it without mental stress. Using their service is also very easy. In terms of usage, Scraper API can be used in two modes – API and proxy. For the API mode, making use of it requires just sending an API request.

This mode provides you customization option via parameters attached to the URL. In terms of programming language support, it can be said that Scraper API supports a good number of popular languages, including Python, PHP, Java, Node, Ruby, and Bash.

The proxy mode also supports all of the programming languages described above. While the API mode has the touch of APIs, the proxy mode has the touch of proxies, and instead of sending API requests, you will have to set them as if you are using a proxy server.

Both modes are easy to use, and the service provides full documentation of how to use both of them. You can learn how to use it by reading the full documentation on the Scraper API documentation page.

Cheaper Than Other Premium Providers

According to our research, ScrapingBee, Crawlera (now Smart Proxy Manager), and Scraper API are the top proxy APIs in the market. Out of these, Scraper API has proven to be the cheapest among them all. And no, it is not because it is less effective. In fact, it has the largest pool of IP addresses, has one of the most extensive location support, and has one of the best anti-bot systems in place, like solving Captchas. Even with all of these, it is not only cheap but how cheap is it?

Take, for an instant, the smallest package provided by all of the 3 services costs $29. However, for this $29, ScrapingBee allows you to send 100K API requests, Crawlera allows you to send 50K requests, but Scraper API provides you 250K requests.

This is not all; even for the free trial option provided, it is the most generous among them all. However, it is important I stress here that going for the smallest plan would mean you not enjoying some of the features, including geo-targeting, JavaScript rendering, and JSON parsing, among others.

Scraper API Cons

Looking at the above, one will think that Scraper API is without flaws, but the truth is that it has flaws and have room for improvement. In this section, we would be discussing some of the aspects of Scraper API that can be regarded as its weaknesses.

Smaller Plans Comes with Limitations

If there is one aspect of Scraper API that users do not like, then that aspect will have to be its pricing system, not because it is not affordable but because it comes with limitations. From the above, you can see that Scraper API is cheaper than the premium competitors in the market.

However, it still has the same problem others have. For most independent reviewers out there, they complain of the limitations. Take, for instance, the smallest plan provides by Scraper API is the hobby plan that allows you to send 250,000 requests monthly. However, this is half of the story. Going for this plan will mean you compromising on many of the advanced features provided by Scraper API.

Pricing of scraperapi

Some of these features include geo-targeting support for geolocation, JavaScript rendering, custom anti-bot bypasses, and JSON auto parsing. While you are ready to compromise on these, also have it at the back of your mind that you can only send 250K API requests.

To many users, this is a con, but one thing you will come to like about their API request is that you only have to pay for successful requests, which is reasonable – and a way of making sure you do not waste money because of technical failure from their end.

Blocks Can be Experienced Sometimes

The reason you opted to make use of Scraper API in the first place is to avoid blocks and other forms of anti-bot systems that will stop you from scraping. Scraper API promises to help you think less about accessing the pages and more about parsing and data analysis since you will not have to think of blocks – and you only get to pay for successful requests. Unfortunately, things do not work out as promises at all times.

While we did not experience any block while putting the service to the test, independent users claim that for some of the projects they utilize Scraper API for, they experienced blocked. One thing you need to know is that Scraper API has been working on its success rate, and there is an improvement when compared to its earlier days.

Do I Recommend Scraper API?

If you have read all of the words in this article, you would have already deduced that we already like them because of their customer protection system and impressive service. Just like every other software in the market, it has both its pros and cons. However, one thing you will come to like about the service is that its pros overshadow its cons.

With Scraper API, you only get to pay for successful API calls, have a free tier, and even a free trial option for new users. They also have a refund policy that allows users to ask for a refund within 7 days of making payment.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 8.7/10
  • Speed - 9/10
  • Functions - 9/10
  • Support - 8.9/10

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