Best Sneaker Proxies of 2024 – GEO Targeting‎ & Never Get Subnet Ban

Do you want to venture into copping high on-demand, limited sneaker using sneaker bots like AIOBOT, BNB bot, Cybersole Ghost and sole AIO? Then you need to learn about sneaker proxies.

This is because you cannot succeed in purchasing more than the limited number of sneakers allowed without using proxies – and not just any type of proxies but sneaker proxies. Online sneaker stores are some of the most restrictive sites and have anti-spam systems in place to check for abusive behavior and people trying to game their system.

These sites would allow you to buy only one pair, and you are restricted to having only one account with them. As a sneaker retailer, you need to create many accounts to be able to purchase the number of sneakers you need.

This then means that you will need to create other accounts with different emails, credit card information, and shipping details. However, all this will not help you if you use the same computer to manage these account

These sneaker sites will still know that these accounts are managed from the same computer – thanks to your IP address. This is where sneaker proxies come in.

Proxies for sneaker sites


What is a Sneaker Proxy?

For the uninitiated, a proxy is an intermediate server that routes client’s web request through it and masks that client’s IP address. Because it helps Internet users hide their IP addresses, they can afford to create more accounts on a website, and that website will not know that the accounts are owned by one person.

This is because an IP address is one of the things websites use in identifying spam since each computer on the Internet has a unique IP address assigned to it. If you can mask your IP, you can create an unlimited number of accounts.

Now, proxies that are made to work with sneaker sites are known as sneaker proxies. You might be wondering why you need specialized proxies to cop sneakers. In fact, you do not need specialized proxies for all the sneaker sites.

However, for strict and smart sites like Nike, Adidas, and Supreme, you have to use tested and trusted proxies because they even target proxies in other for them to detect spam. However, for other sneaker sites, you can get away with using other proxies.

  • What Do Sneaker Proxies Do?

Sneaker proxies are used in conjunction with sneaker copping bots. They provide sneaker bot users the bases for managing more than one account and without getting noticed.

If you are using a sneaker bot that manages more than a single account, you will need proxies to hide your IP address and use other IP addresses which will prevent the sites from detecting the accounts as being managed from a single computer.

  • Why You Might Not Need Sneaker Proxies

If you want to buy only one sneaker pair and you manage only one account, there is no need of using proxies. Proxies are for people having more than one active accounts with the intention of buying more than a pair during a release.

However, regardless of if you need a proxy or not, you will need a sneaker bot to get you in the front of the queue else, other sneakerheads using bots will deprive you of the opportunity of purchasing the pair you want.

Types of Sneaker Proxies for Sneaker Sites

Like I stated earlier, you will need not just any type of proxies but sneaker proxies that have been found to work perfectly with sneaker sites.

These proxies are known as sneaker proxies. They can also be categorized into groups based on the sites they support. We will be looking at Nike proxies, Adidas proxies, Shopify proxies, Footsites, and Supreme proxies.

  • Datacenter IP proxies or Residential IP proxies

The wave for datacenter proxies has died down as the available pool of IPs for most Datacenter proxy providers has been dwindled down to almost nothing due to large subnet bans. Most datacenter subnets are banned on Adidas, Supreme, and Nike based on our experience! Such as AWS, Vultr, Linode, or Digital Ocean…

Residential Residential Residential Datacenter Various

But, why did that happen?

A datacenter IP is not owned or operated by an ISP, these IPs are got from cloud services, When a sneaker release, The sneaker sites such as Nike, can easily see usage from hundreds and thousands of users who are using similar IPs in the same subnet, That's really easy to mark by those sneaker sites. So, they have taken notice of this shift in usage and realized that by banning these Proxies' IP subnets directly for they are mitigating bot activity on their site.

That's why now residential proxies come in. The residential IPs that are provided under residential services are tied to an ISP. ISP being that company you or your parents most likely send money to so that your internet stays running in your home, such as AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Fios, Time Warner, etc…

These companies own their own IP blocks that they distribute to users of their services. Therefore, residential proxies are backboned by IPs that are from ISPs or actual residences who pay for services from any of the previously mentioned companies. of course, if you don’t abuse them – anyone’s IP can get banned, these just have less of a chance because it looks like it’s coming from a legit homeowner and not some data center.

  • The residential IP is more legit than datacenter IP for copping
  • Residential proxies providers mixed the IP subnets, No more similar/same subnets like datacenter proxies

So, it’s very hard for Sneaker sites like Adidas, Nike, and other retailers to ban users from these residential connections. Yes, it’s still possible, but they aren’t banning subnets at a time and they have to focus their efforts to pick out individual IPs to ban one at a time. A much slower and drawn out process that leads to residential IPs being the go-to for us sneakerheads.

Nike SNKRS proxies are the proxies that have been optimized for use on Nike sites. Simply put, they are proxies for Nike sites.

These bots are purely residential proxies and located in either the United States, the EU region, and Australia. The proxy server makes sure it makes use of proxies in the location you are trying to buy the shoes from. If your target website is the Nike UK site, this proxy server routes your request through residential IP in the UK.

This makes them more natural and fast, thereby evading any form of suspicion. Some of the popular providers of proxies that work with Nike includes Smartproxy, Stormproxies, and Geosurf, among others.

Adidas proxies share common features with Nike proxies. They are residential proxies and usually located countries you are trying to cop the sneakers from.

You will need residential proxies because the Adidas site has strict anti-spam systems that can detect and block bot traffic. However, they find it difficult to detect residential proxies since residential proxies’ routes request through devices with residential IP addresses. Bright Data, Shifter, and Stormproxies.

Supreme proxies are the proxies that work perfectly with Supreme sites without getting detected and blocked.

Supreme is in the same league with Nike and Adidas when it comes to their aggressive fight against botting and proxies, and as such, Supreme proxies are residential proxies.

Some of the residential proxy providers that have support for Supreme sites include Smartproxy, Bright Data, and Icedoutproxies.

When it comes to proxies for Shopify stores. They are two categories of proxies that should be used. For most Shopify stores, datacenter proxies will do.

This is because their spam-check filters are not as aggressive as the ones discussed above. However, there are few Shopify stores that are aggressive, and for those ones like YeezySupply, you have to make use of residential proxies.

Some of the datacenter proxies that will work with Shopify include YourPrivateProxy,, and Icedoutproxies datacenter proxies. For residential proxies, you can use the ones discussed above.

The Footsites network includes FootAction, EastBay, Finishline, ChampSports, and Foot Locker. Proxies that work when you use them on these sites are known as Footsites proxies.

Just like Shopify stores, you can get away with using datacenter proxies on many of them because they are not aggressively looking out for abusing actions like Nike, Supreme, and Adidas. However, some of the sites require residential proxies to function.

Things You Should Consider When Buying Sneaker Proxies

While you might be tempted to pay for a proxy because it is called a sneaker proxy, you need to look out for some things else; you risk buying proxies that will not work for you. Some of these things are discussed below.

  • Location of Proxy Server

Sneaker sites are strict when it comes to location. Some of these sites won’t allow you to buy sneakers if you do not reside in the location of their expected customers.

For example, if a release is meant for UK customers, you cannot make an order from the United States. That’s is why you need to consider where your proxy is located before buying it and make sure it is located in the location where the release will be taking place.

The most important about the Location is, You need to choose the closer server & proxy server location to reduce the ping…Depending on the location of your server, your speeds can vary greatly. Once again, make sure you have your proxy server locations near your actual server location (the one you have your bot installed on).

  • Ping

Ping is basically your computer's reaction time. The ping could be from 10ms to 1000ms. A lower ping is always better than a higher ping. Anything below 10ms is amazing and anything below 100ms is still fairly good. Anything higher than that and you are getting on the slower end of things.

I am mentioning the location because it is a fairly large indicator if you are going to have a slower or faster ping time. If you are in Los Angeles and are trying to connect to New York, it is going to take a longer time to “communicate”.

However, if you are in Los Angeles and are trying to talk to a computer in Los Angeles or Las Vegas or Fremont, you are going to be at least ten times faster because of the shorter distance.

  • CDN of sneaker websites

So you want to reduce your ping to the proxy location to the proxy server, also you need to choose the Web Server close to your proxy server location. So you have to know the Location of Web Server.

Let's talk about Supreme NYC for example, Supreme NYC uses a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and what this is, is a way for these large companies to handle all the traffic that goes to their websites. This CDN enables the company to have multiple servers hosting their websites in tons of locations around the world, that way customers can connect quickly.

The Supreme CDN network locations are mostly in Ashburn, Virginia, Newark, and New Jersey, and you easily use whois tools to find out their nameserver to get the CDN location.

  • Proxy Protocol

Generally, we have the HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocol. Each bot defers in the protocol it supports. So, you need to know the connection protocol required by the sneaker bot you want to use. This will determine the proxies you should buy.

  • Monthly Randomization

While this might not be necessary, it is best you go for proxy providers that list it as a feature. This is because you might want to have your pool refreshed. If a proxy does not support that, you miss out on that.

FAQs About Sneaker Proxies

  • Can I use free proxies for sneaker copping?

No, you cannot. First, It's hard to work, for too many users use it, not just get slow speed,  Second, Free proxies are dangerous, your account or billing information may be share to hackers!  Also, You may end up getting your accounts banned,

  • Will shared proxies work for sneaker copping?

No, it will not. You need virgin IPs that are clean to successfully cop sneakers. There is a high probability that the shared proxy you plan to use has been used by another person to spam your target site, and as such, it has been blocked. If you try using it, you risk getting your accounts banned, This is because sneaker sites have systems in place to detect proxy traffic, Especially for these datacenter proxies.

  • How many proxies do I need per account?

You only need one proxy per account. Interestingly, if you are using a residential proxy that rotates IP, one subscription will do. However, if you are using datacenter proxies, then you have to use one per account to avoid being blocked.

  • How to avoid banned caused by proxies

Your accounts will only get banned if they discover you are using a proxy. If you are able to stop them from detecting you are making use of proxies, your accounts won’t get banned -and if they do, it is not because you are using proxies.

If you avoid using free and shared proxies, you are halfway far from getting banned. Also, use the types of proxies that work with each site.

For example, for Adidas, Nike, YeezySupply, Supreme, and some Footsites, residential proxies are the types of proxies you should use for them. However, you can use datacenter proxies for Shopify sites and some Footsites without facing any challenge.


From the above, I am sure you have a clear understanding of what sneaker proxies are and what you need them for.

If you use the type of proxy a site need and you follow sneaker copping best practices, then your chances of getting banned will be very low. Interestingly, the possibility of copping more sneakers is increased.

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