Twitch Statistics 2023: How Many Twitch Users are There?

Online video gaming has been one popular way people entertain themselves and live streaming has complimented it to the highest. With the frequent involvement of live streaming, there are several sites that support and offer it of which Twitch is seen by statistics to be at the top compared to other sites.

Twitch Statistics

Twitch, having been launched in 2011, has been the go-to site for game streamers. By positioning itself for live streaming, it is the site that allows streamers to showcase themselves live.

Unlike other streaming sites, Twitch is a place where users create their own content and stream it live. And with these, the site has grown greatly, having 140 million unique active users per month and 30 million users actively streaming daily. Twitch started with no one believing it would evolve this far and even though it was banned in China in 2018 when its popularity had reached its peak then, the Amazon-owned streaming service still gained huge numbers of million streamers.

The growth of Twitch has indeed skyrocketed to be the fastest gaming platform and with the increase in eSport, it has become a site hugely appreciated, recognized, and dedicated to gamers. One uniqueness that has kept this site on track right from its inception is the fact that streaming on Twitch is real and live, so viewers can connect live and engage with their favorite streamers of common interest, create interaction and feel involved.

With these, Twitch had been perceived as the best. Being an online gamer, it just couldn't be better and more enjoyable. In this article, we will provide you well researched Twitch Statistics that made it stand out among live streaming and online gaming platforms.

Key Twitch Stats 2023

Key Twitch Statistics

  • Twitch has 140 million unique visitors every month.
  • 5 users stream on the Twitch platform once a month in 2021.
  • The Twitch app has been downloaded over 100 million times.
  • $1 billion was paid in cash by Amazon for the gaming platform and social media network.
  • The most-watched video game on Twitch is League of Legends and it accumulates 42.55 billion views per hour.

Top 23 Twitch Statistics & Facts to Know in 2023

1. How Many Users Actively Stream Daily on Twitch in 2022?

Users Actively Stream Daily on Twitch in 2022

With the fast growth of Twitch and how it has become the go-to site for many. Streaming and gaming live increases every day with millions of unique visits. As streaming activities go on day in and day out, so do users who are actively streaming on the site.

And at the same time, Twitch has kept these records in line with the daily visit considering the statistical significance, and so far, Twitch has received 31 million daily active users (DAUs) in 2022.

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2. What is the Global Worth of Twitch in 2022?

Global Worth of Twitch in 2022

Twitch is an online live streaming platform for video gaming and gamers' views. The worth of this platform has skyrocketed with time compared to when its inception. Daily visits to the site have increased massively, with more gamers gaming for long hours.

According to some statistics, playing live video gaming is now well appreciated, and Twitch as one top-notch is worth approximately $3.79 billion. It's almost doubled four times the amount that it was acquired in 2014.

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3. What is the Demographic of Twitch in 2021?

Demographic of Twitch in 2021

  • Gender Demo

Twitch demographic statistics are not that often updated but with some surveys carried out inherently by some top blogs  in 2019. In the third quarter of 2017, Twitch published their stats stating that 81.5% of the user base was male, leaving 18.5% of the platform for females.

The shift in user base was witnessed in the introduction of  Influenced Creative Section in 2018, which seems to have given way to many other varieties for new streamers and viewers. This resulted in a rise in users, with 65% of Twitch users being male and 35% female in the second quarter of 2019.

  • Age Range Demo

In terms of age range, it was recorded that the age of game streamers and viewers started from 16-64. And in the second quarter of 2019, the majority were young, ranging from 16-24 years. Age demographic screenshot is below:

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4. How Many Twitch Streamers Broadcast Live Games Every Month in 2021?

Twitch Streamers Broadcast Live Games Every Month

Twitch is known largely for streaming live games. Online gaming is an indispensable part of the Twitch platform, and its creators have been the powerhouse of its success rate. Being the first choice for gamers, Twitch has 2.2 million creators broadcasting live games and 9.1 million unique creators that stream on the platform monthly.

Other streaming services these creators are also involved in are content variations, like music, illustrating, and live channels, as well  as eSports content live streaming.

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5. How Many People Visited Twitch Daily in 2022?

People Visited Twitch Daily

Twitch has been on the rise as the best platform for gamers and game viewers. In respect to Twitch statistics, in terms of gaming, there is a huge daily visit amounting to 15 million daily visits, of which 80% are gamers and game viewers or for content related to gaming. Twitch streamers don't just stream content; they are also creators of the content that streams live. Twitch is peculiar to other platforms because of the higher percentage of content broadcasters in no comparison. And this has added up greatly to the success of the site.

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6. How Much Time do Users Spend Streaming Video Content on Twitch in 2020?

Twitch has constantly grown every year.  Statistics have shown that there is a 70% increase over 2019 when the platform had around 11 billion hours streamed. In 2020 viewers used 18.6 billion hours to stream video content. Twitch is very promising, looking at how it has evolved. It has consistently grown each year since its inception, and 2020 was no exception. The success rate of Twitch is truly worth the statistics.

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7. How Many People Use Twitch Actively Per Month in 2022?

People Use Twitch Actively Per Month

Just as Twitch keeps a record of daily active users, so do Monthly active users (MAUs).  This simply means the number of unique visitors Twitch receives in a given month. Statistics in this section give evidence of the size of the overall Twitch user base. There has been massive growth over the past six years. Twitch had 55 million users in 2015, so that makes for almost triple the growth since then.  Almost 25% of all users call Twitch their content home. Currently, the number of active users on Twitch per month is 140 million in 2022.

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8. What are the Top Countries that Drive Traffic to Twitch in 2022?

Top Countries that Drive Traffic to Twitch in 2022

With the fast rise of Twitch, it will not be a surprise to know it's a platform available worldwide and has users from all corners of the world. But even though it spreads wide, there are still countries on the rise in terms of its streaming compared to others. Statistics have shown that the  main market is the United States with 22.67% and then Germany with 6.73%. One thing to note is that the traffic gap differs across several countries. The USA is at the top is, accounts for 44 million Twitch viewers, and estimated to reach  51.6 million by 2024.

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9. What is the Most Viewed Game on Twitch in 2022?

Most Viewed Game on Twitch in 2022

Twitch is popularly and largely known for the live streaming of games. By statistics, Twitch has no name attached; even if there are other live streaming activities it enables, gaming is top-notch and majorly appreciated. The live streaming video platform is one of the ways in which viewers watch their gamers of interest play a variety of online video games. In February 2022, League of Legends became the most popular viewed game on Twitch, with more than 48.1 billion all-time views worldwide.

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10. What was the Highest Number of Twitch Viewership in 2021?

Viewership on Twitch just kept getting interesting, with the number adding up daily. In 2021, the highest viewership activity on Twitch was in the first half of the year. The first quarter of 2021 attained the utmost online peak of 6.57 million Peak Viewers and the second quarter was the leader in total Hours Watched of 6.47 billion Hours Watched.

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11. How Many People View a Single Channel Concurrently on Twitch in 2022?

Twitch streamers have experienced an intense view of their channels right from inception. When an audience loves a particular streamer and what he or she does, that viewer doesn't mind viewing their streamer of interest channel concurrently for as long as it exists. The highest viewer count on Twitch in a stream belongs to the TheGrefg channel. During a stream disclosing his official Fortnite skin, the Spanish streamer amassed over 2.5 million concurrent viewers. These tell how entrenched streamers are in the gaming world.

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12. How Much Revenue does Twitch Generate from Advertising in 2021?

As the Twitch platform grows, so do revenue statistics became integral to note. Twitch, being an all-time platform of interest to gamers and game viewers, has several ways of generating its income aside from it already known and used globally. This start right from subscription bit sales, twitch turbo, among others. In 2021, advertising was the major generator of massive revenue for Twitch, having recorded a huge amount of $2.6 billion as Twitch’s yearly advertising income. This platform gains outstanding growth every day.

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13. How Much Content does Twitch Users Watch Per Day In 2022?

Content does Twitch Users Watch Per Day In 2022

Knowing the daily visits of Twitch amount to over 15 million unique visitors and an average of 31 million active users daily. It is obvious how much people view and consume content on Twitch. In records, statistics have shown that, on average, people watch around 95 minutes of Twitch content daily.

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14. What is the Average Number of Twitch Streams Once in a Month in 2022?

Average Number of Twitch Streams Once in a Month in 2022

Twitch streamers are seen to be the broadcasters of live games, and just as some come in daily to stream, some are monthly streamers. They can stream live just once a month and still hit their target audience. By statistics on the twitch tracker, an average of 9 million streamers broadcast live on Twitch monthly. Mind you, most of those monthly streamers have already gained their desired followers reach and as well are rated pro on the platform as they know the in and out of Twitch.

[Source: Twitch Tracker ]

15. How Many Percent of Twitch Views Come from Mobile Phones?

With the constant and massive usage of smartphones, streaming online has become even more heard than usual, and just as these devices are used in streaming on other platforms, so does Twitch. Even though it cannot be as enjoyable as using the PC, many still opt for this side of streaming and viewing live games and gamers. And with the 4.43 billion users of mobile phones worldwide, it has been recorded that 35% of Twitch views come from mobile phones.

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16. What Number was Twitch Ranked on Global Internet Engagement in 2021?

Twitch is ranked 37th globally for overall internet engagement in 2021. The significance of this is when you consider the overall global market for websites and platforms. The global ranking of Twitch is seen to be impressive, deeming the fact that there are 2 billion websites worldwide and 4.6 billion internet users as well.

However, Twitch hasn’t surpassed other known competitors in global internet engagement. Google and YouTube still have more internet engagement worldwide in their video-sharing rankings at large.

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17. What are the Statistics of Twitch Downloaded Apps?

Just as the daily views of Twitch increase, so does its app, which has skyrocketed so well on the play store. Obviously, one can say, just as users like to log in to Twitch via their various browsers, many also prefer to use the app as well.

We can also get a hint of the mobile scene on Twitch these days by looking at app downloads. On the Play Store, the app has been installed over 100 million times. More is expected so long as the platform breathes.

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18. What are the Statistics for Twitch “Just Chatting” in 2022?

Statistics for Twitch Just Chatting in 2022

Twitch “Just Chatting” is a channel on Twitch where streamers connect live with their audience of interest to have some good times. This channel is largely known on Twitch. In 2021 alone,  over 3 billion hours were spent watching ‘just chatting’ channels.

Currently, in 2022, it has been watched for over 1.7 billion hours with an average of 372,696 viewers and a peak of 2,309,980 so far this year. Over 19.3 million hours have been broadcast so far this year, with a peak of 9.9 thousand streamers. Although Twitch is known for gaming, the ‘Just Chatting’ category is quite popular.

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19. What is the Weekly Statistic of Peak Day for Twitch Users?

Gaming is said to be appreciated and enjoyed on weekends and gaming on Twitch is no exception. There are 6% more viewers on the weekends than during the week. The majority of channels operate on a Saturday, followed by Sunday. Facts about Twitch reveal there are 2.8 million daily viewers on average from Monday to Thursday.

Increasing on Fridays to reach the most viewers on Twitch on Sundays, over 3 million viewers recorded. Also, 14% more streams for a top audience to choose from. More people around the world looked at Twitch streams on Sundays than any other day.

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20. How Many Channels do Twitch has in 2022?

Many Channels do Twitch has in 2022

The live streaming video platform, Twitch, is one of the most popular ways in which viewers watch their favorite gamers stream their gaming activities. Twitch has over 11 million unique streaming channels in 2022,  representing a 14.7 percent increase in channels. But not all channels are sized as same.  Streamers are on the hedge to attain like 100 followers; the biggest channels can attract millions of subscribers. Below are the top ten Twitch channels and their followers.

Channels Followers
Ninja 18.2 Million
auronplay 13.2 Million
Rubius 12.2 Million
ibai 11.2 Million
Tfue 11.1 Million
xQc 10.95 Million
shroud 10.2 Million
TheGrefg 10.0 Million
Pokimane 9.2 Million
Sodapoppin 8.8 Million

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21. What is the Most Dominating Language on Twitch in 2021?

Twitch is said to be streamed and viewed worldwide. As the world evolves, there are several languages spoken, and the platform does not forbid streamers from using their languages. English has taken the most significant piece of the puzzle, being a universal language, but notwithstanding, there are still other languages used on this platform.

According to Twitch viewership statistics for 2021, the English language has 1.4 million concurrent viewers and 57K channels. Spanish is the second most popular language on Twitch, and has 245K viewers and 12K channels. Portuguese had 235K viewers and 9K channels, at number three, and others followed.

[Sources: Twitch Tracker, Tech Jury]

22. What is the Estimated Worldwide Market Size of Twitch from 2017 to 2023?

Estimated Worldwide Market Size of Twitch from 2017 to 2023

Having been launched in 2011, Twitch is an online video streaming service that allows eSports and gaming audiences to watch their favorite gamers play a variety of online video games and as well connect live with their favorite streamers.

Twitch is the leading streaming platform for eSports; its worldwide market size is estimated to grow from 43.3 million viewers in 2017 to almost 188 million viewers by 2023. With the rapid growth, less can not be expected.

[Source: Statista]

23. What is the expected reach of Twitch U.S viewers by 2024?

The United States surpassed other countries by large digits in its reach for viewers on Twitch. The U.S. numbers are followed by Germany with 6.6% of viewers and Russia bringing 4.93% of Twitch users, and others follow as well. The projection is for the U.S. to rise to 41.5 million viewers for Twitch by 2024. Twitch expectant lingers as the U.S. thrive to reach for a huge part of its market share. The peak is yet to get ripened.

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23. What is the expected reach of gaming globally from 2021 to 2026?

Looking at the statistical overview of gamers on Twitch, it is apparent in no time, the world of live gaming will spread wide. Gaming has become a to-do list for many, and streaming it live to add more touches of huge interest for the gamers. With the daily reviews, is expected for gaming to attain a massive height in years to come i.e. In the forecast period of 2021 and 2026, gaming will be worth about $295 billion globally.

[Source: Tech Jury, Video Games Stats]


As online gaming evolves, Twitch has become a go-to arena for millions of gamers and as well game viewers. With the live streaming of games, it could not be more interesting to showcase and connect with other gamers live. And for the fact that audiences can connect on a live session with their streamer of interest add to the massive growth of the platform.

Twitch platform, having gained good and loyal streamers' credibility, is sure worth its numbers and viewership. Also with the expected numbers so far, gaming is hoped to reach gold by 2026. In this article comes well-researched Twitch Statistics to spoon-fed you with what you need to know when it comes to

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