The Best Twitch Viewer Bots 2024 | Still Working!

Are you aware that not using the right Twitch Viewer Bot can get your accounts banned? Come in now to discover the best bots to increase your view counts and automation other actions on Twitch today.

Twitch Viewer Bot

Do you have the time to grow your Twitch channel organically? If no, Twitch Viewer Bots can help you out. But let me tell you the truth – using a Twitch Viewer Bot comes with a lot of risks and getting your account shut down is just one of the risks.

That’s why this article was written to provide you recommendations on the Top Twitch Viewer Bots in the market.

No doubt, Twitch Viewer Bots are extremely useful for Twitch marketers. They can help you fake engagement and make you look popular than you actually are through Twitch Automation.

What is Twitch Automation?

Twitch Automation

With a Twitch Viewer Bot, you can get actions automatically carried out on your Twitch. A Twitch Viewer Bot is a computer program that can manage Twitch account and carry out tasks using them. You can send thousands of accounts to your channel to view your streams, and this will make others see your stream as popular – and you know, people like to watch popular stuff.

However, it is important you know that it is against the terms of Twitch to engage in botting. They consider it a fraud and an act that reduce the quality of their community. If you are caught using a bot on their website, you risk getting your account ban. That’s why aside from using bots that work perfectly and can evade detection, you have to invest in good residential proxies that won’t get detected – read our Twitch Proxies article here.


Top Twitch Viewer Bot

Google ranking should not be used as a yardstick in making a choice, and Twitch Viewer Bots proves that. If you go by what you see on the front page of Google, you might end up with an old bot that no longer functions. It might interest you to know that only two bots currently function perfectly as you will want.

The rest are either too risky or have folded up – with the remnant of them showing on Google. I will advise you to run from Twitch Viewer Bots such as StreamBot, ViewBotted, Twitch-view bot, and even Twitch Buddy. So which bot should you use now? which twitch viewer bot is the best?

They are only two tested and trusted and are discussed below.

Twitch Booster

Are you looking for a service that will provide followers and viewers for your Twitch channel? Then you can make use of Twitch Booster, a Twitch growing service that you can use to boost your Twitch channel, grow your audience base, and increase your value as an affiliate on Twitch. It is one of the top services we would recommend if you are looking to grow your Twitch account in no time.

One thing you will come to like about this service is that you are not required to provide the login details of your account. All you need to do is provide the link to the channel, and they will send you the followers and viewers. You need to know that this is not really an automation tool but a growth service – done for you. They send real followers, and if you do not get the number of followers or viewers, you get a full refund.

Pros of Twitch Booster:

  • Immediate result
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Safe and secure

Cons of Twitch Booster:

  • No free trial
  • It can be expensive depending on your requirement



ViewerLab is arguably the best Twitch Bot in the market. It has been around for a while now, and it is waxing stronger but still has a lot of room for improvement. You do not need to download and install before you can use it – it is available online and can access even with a mobile phone.

It is very stable, reliable, and delivers on its promise and increasing your views and followers. Aside from increasing your followers, channel views, and giving you live viewers, it also comes with a chat functionality that you can upload your own custom chat list. The major problem is its pricing; it is a little bit expensive.

Pros of ViewerLab:

  • Web-based – work even on mobile
  • Custom chat support
  • Flexible pricing option – though expensive
  • free trial available

Cons of ViewerLab:

  • Expensive



ViewsRun is a maker of a good number of tools made for Twitch.TV automation. Aside from Viewer Bot, they also have follower bot, a channel view bot, a clip view bot, and many others. Their Viewer Bot is functional and comes with chatbot support. They have a variety of payment plans, and each of them is quite cheap and affordable. They with this tool, you can increase your visibility and reach on Twitch quickly.

Pros of ViewsRun:

  • Very easy to use
  • Flexible plans that are cheap

Cons of ViewsRun:

  • Have fewer features – need to pay for other features as separate bots


  • What is a Twitch Viewer Bot?

A Twitch Viewer Bot is a computer program written to automate viewing live streams on Twitch.TV for the purpose of inflating views. It may also be used for getting more followers and also comes with chatbot support.

  • Does Twitch Support the Use of Bots?

No, Twitch does not support the use of bots. It is even aggressively fighting botting and that is one of the reasons you see only a few bots work.

  • What are the Best Proxies for Twitch Viewer Bots?

The best type of proxies to use for Twitch Viewer Bots are residential proxies. datacenter proxies can be easily detected, and mobile proxies are very expensive. Read our best proxies for Twitch Viewer Bot here.



It is important I stress here that while using bots on Twitch can be rewarding, you have to be exercise some level of caution to avoid getting the shutdown of your account – this includes using the best bots and proxies, both of which have been covered. Twitch is always on the lookout for accounts with bot related activities to ban – be conservative with your approach to avoid getting banned.


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