What Does an IP Address Tell You?

Wondering what information does your device’s IP reveals? You have to because it is increasingly becoming clear by the day that with your IP Address, you can be tracked. Come in now to discover what your IP Address reveals about you.

IP reveals

You hide behind a computer and feel nobody knows the real you? Of course, nobody does, but your computer is not online without a unique identifier, and with this identifier, you can’t be so sure. It is not uncommon in the past for some forum sites to reveal one’s IP Address when he posts publicly. However, as more and more people become concern about their privacy – and lack of it online, many of the sites that reveal their users’ IP Addresses are beginning to hide them.

Even though they are hiding it from others, they have it in their system and make use of it to prevent spam, restrict access to local content, and provide location-specific information. These are not all that can be done with IP Address; there’s more. Before we look at things IP Address reveals, let take a look at what an IP Address is.

Your IP detail and Location

IP Detail:
ISP: Amazon.com
Country: United States, US
Region: VA
City: Ashburn
Zip: 20149
Latitude & Longitude: 39.0438, -77.4874
Time Zone: America/New_York

What is an IP Address – an Overview

An IP Address is a unique identifier, in the form of dotted decimal, which can either be 32-bit or 128-bit, depending on the version of IP it belongs.

IPv4 vs IPV6

IP Addresses are assigned to computers on the Internet and any other type of network for the purpose of identification. Your IP can be used for monitoring your activities online – and limiting your actions. While each device has its own IP address, that’s not the IP Address used online – Internet Service Providers (ISP) assign a different IP Address to computers accessing the Internet through their service.

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Some devices, such as residential devices, get permanent IP Addresses assigned to them by their ISP. Some other devices, such as mobile devices, do not get permanent IPs assigned to them. Their ISP, which are Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), do not have the number of IP Addresses to meet demand, and as such, IP is dynamically assigned. This means that a mobile user can surf the Internet with 3 different IP in 2 days.

What Can You Get From an IP Address?

IP Address Information

You do not have to freak out; your IP Address does not reveal much about you as you think. You also cannot use anyone’s IP for anything serious. An IP Address reveals geolocation information. This includes the country and city one lives in, his ISP, and a rough estimate of one’s longitude and latitude! Again,

  • Geolocation information

This can accurate to longitude and latitude with “0.0001”!

IP detail with loctaion

  • Your ISP

ISP - Internet Service ProviderIP & ISP Details

ISP details

 ip: “”
 city: “Los Angeles”
 region: “California”
 country: “US”
 loc: “34.0559,-118.2666”
 postal: “90017”
 timezone: “America/Los_Angeles”
 asn: Object
 asn: “AS6551”
 name: “America ISP”
 domain: “joltmobile.com”
 route: “”
 type: “business”
 company: Object
 name: “America ISP”
 domain: “hardinarts.com”
 type: “business”
 privacy: Object
 vpn: false
 proxy: false
 tor: false
 hosting: false
 abuse: Object
 address: “US, CA, Los Angeles, 824 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 200, 90017”
 country: “US”
 email: [email protected]
 name: “Jolt Mobile”
 network: “”
 phone: “+1-213-674-4781n+1-626-385-0000”

Some ISP can store your browsing history as the user connection logs, if you know about Edward Snowden, I think this is public facts.

If you ask me, I will tell you that this is nothing serious. This is because the information gotten cannot be used to track you as it never provides a piece of precise information about your location – it could differ for hundreds of miles away.

The accuracy of the IP lookup tool determines how accurate the information is. And no civilian technology is around that could help you with a precise estimate.

The developers of the Internet thought about this beforehand, and you do not have to worry. While IP alone cannot be used for tracking you down, it can, together with some other information such a device fingerprints, that be used to track you.

What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address?

Online Safety for IP

Your IP Address in the hand of an individual can be used for nothing serious. This is because of the lack of precision of the information it provides.

However, if you are a person with a lot of activities online, especially on sites that reveal their user's IP Addresses, a person can get your IP footprints and draw a conclusion on what you do online. This can be used against you by your enemies if something bad is discovered, It's easy for the tech-guys, not to mention the hackers…

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How IP Can Be Used for Tracking By Government Agencies

When people hear of the term “IP Address,” they see it as some kind of number that can be used for tracking. However, because it just reveals your city and nothing precise as par your location, you have nothing to worry about – this is in the hand of individuals. But your IP in the hand of a law enforcement agency can be stitched with other information to track you down.

IP Tracking By Government Agencies

In many countries around the world, ISP are compelled by law to keep information about their customers. A law enforcement agency can request an ISP to provide information about the person using a particular IP Address. From your ISP, the agency can get your picture and home address.

They can also use it to request your activities from different web services and use that to build a profile of you and your interest. From this, you can tell that your IP Address does not pose any security challenge in the hand of a civilian – but in the hands of security agencies, it does, thanks to the law.

How to Hide Your IP Address

IP Address hiding

You have now known that your IP Address reveals your geolocation details. Sites can use it to block your access to resources meant for other regions. They can also use it to block you from accessing their service in its totality.

The government can also use it against you if they deem fit. What then should you do? Hide it! When it comes to hiding an IP Address, there are 3 major tools that can help you achieve that. These are proxies and VPNs.

  • Proxy Server

A proxy is a server that serves as an intermediary between you and the Internet. When you send web requests through it, it changes your IP Address to a different before routing the request to the website you are sending requests to.

It is easy to use as you do not have to download anything to use it. The easiest is the web proxy, also you can buy proxies from Luminati, Smartproxy, and MyPrivateProxy, among other providers.

  • VPN

Hide by VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works the same as a proxy but encrypts your traffic and passes it through a secured channel. This makes it difficult for eavesdroppers to make sense out of the information should they intercept your traffic. You need to install a client (an application software) for a VPN to work.

It is geared towards personal use more than proxies that are meant for commercial usages such as SEO, brand protection, sneaker copping, and much more. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and TorGuard are some of the best VPN in the market.



Ip address information

Your IP Address reveals your geolocation information. However, the information revealed is not enough to get you concerned about your security if the government is not after you since the information provided is an estimate and can vary from the reality up to hundreds of miles.

To keep the government and sites away from using your real IP Address for restricting your Internet access, use any of the methods described above in hiding your IP Address.

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